How To : Use take down and ground skills in UFC Undisputed

In this clip from IGN, learn how to use take down and ground skills in the Ultimate Fighting Championship game UFC: Undisputed. This trick will help you land on top and beat your opponent no matter what your fighting style is, nor that of your opponent. K-O!

How To : Create a great fighter in UFC 2009 Undisputed

In this clip from IGN, learn how to create the ultimate fighter in UFC 2009: Undisputed for Playstation 3. This video tutorial will walk you step by step through the process of creating the best possible fighter so you will be able to take down the competition.

News : May 2010 NPD Sales Results

Yes, they are May numbers, NPD is late by a month due to "IT" problems. They might have well blamed it only oil spill crisis. System Sales: PlayStation 3 154.5K PSP 59.4K Xbox 360 194.6K Wii 334.8K Nintendo DS 383.7K Last May for comparison: Wii - 289,500 Xbox 360 - 175,00 ...more

News : XARM = Arm Wrestling Taken Way Too Seriously

Imagine the marriage of UFC and arm wrestling and you've got the exceedingly ridiculous sport of XARM. Seriously, this is an "official" sport with a league. The game works like this: the contenders' arms are taped together and the first to pin the other's arm or knock them out ...more

News : The Jackass Beatdown

The Jackass Beatdown Due to the rise of popularity in Mixed MArtial Arts (MMA), i think it would be hilarious if the jackass crew entered the cage to fight real UFC fighters!!! For example A Fight Card could be Main event - Johnny Knoxville vs Brock Lesnar Steve-o vs Chuc ...more

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