How To : Prepare leg of lamb for roasting

Lamb has the potential for great dinner recipes. Watch this how to video tutorial and find out how to prepare a leg of lamb to roast with UKTV Food. Learn to trim the leg of lamb for so that you get the most flavor from it.

How To : Make Indian style curried lentils (tarka dahl )

Tarka dahl is an Indian dish of curried lentils. Watch this how to video tutorial and learn how to make authentic Punjabi curried lentils with UKTV Food's New British Kitchen. Use three different types of lentils to add extra flavor to tarka dahl.

How To : Make sushi rolls at home

Forget going out to a sushi restaurant tonight. Instead stay at home and make your own sushi. Watch this how to video and learn how to make sushi with UKTV Food's New British Kitchen. Prepare sushi rice, cut your favorite sushi ingredients and wrap them with nori seaweed wrap.

How To : Bake Portuguese custard tarts

Cook up a delicious Portuguese dessert called Pastel de natta, or simply custard tarts. Creamy custard tarts make a simple dessert after any dinner. Watch this how to video and learn how prepare and bake Portuguese custard tarts with UKTV Food's New British Kitchen.

How To : Cook a Caribbean goat curry

Spice up dinner time a little goat curry straight from Jamaica. Watch this how to video and learn how to make this Caribbean curry from UKTV Food's New British Kitchen. Ingredients for goat curry: goat, onions, scallions, garlic, curry powder, ketchup, scotch, carrots, potato ...more

How To : Dress a cooked crab

You love crab but don't know how to prepare or serve it? Then watch this how to video and learn how to cook fresh crab with UKTV Food. Cut up the crab, take out the meat and season it to your liking.

News : Float across the floor on a personal hover board

Hovercrafts! Make your own magic carpet ride! Find your inner George Jetson! The World's Hovercraft Speed Record was set on September 18, 1995 by American Bob Windt. He got his air cushion vehicle up to a speed of 85.87 mph! The hovercraft was originally designed to ferry pe ...more

How To : Poach an egg & make eggs Benedict sandwich

What are you having this Sunday for breakfast? Coffee and donuts!? No way! Eggs Benedict is the perfect thing to whip up before sitting down to leisurely flip through the Sunday newspaper. Sounds serene, doesn't it? With this cooking tutorial put together by the UKTV Food Cha ...more

How To : Make a great antipasti platter with deli meats

Looking to make a splendid deli platter for your next shindig? This video from the UKTV Food Channel gives us some great tips on what meats and sausages to use, how to dress up your presentation to look near professional, and familiarizes us with charcuterie.

How To : Clean a makeup bag

In this how-to video, professional makeup artist Gary Cockerill shows how to take care of your makeup and keep a clean makeup bag. While most women know the importance of using the right makeup and the right tools, many will overlook basic hygiene which can be self-defeating f ...more

How To : Make straight forward bechamel sauce

Watch this how to video and find out how to make perfect white sauce with no lumps from UKTV Food. Bechamel is a basic white sauce often used as a base for other sauces. This French sauce is also a key ingredient in many other recipes, watch and learn how to prepare it.

How To : Cook pork wrapped in prosciutto

This classic dish is traditionally made with veal, but not today. Pork and prosciutto make a perfect pairing for this recipe from UKTV Food's New British Kitchen. Watch and learn how to cook pork wrapped in prosciutto.

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