How To : Play C major scale in 1st position

Getting to know your scales are important to understanding music theory, learning your fretboard, improving your technique and training your ear. Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video that shows how to play C major scale in first position. Playing a scale on one s ...more

How To : Understand music accents

Join David Yzhaki as he makes learning piano music fundamentals fast and easy. In classical music, a measure that is in four four time (four quarter notes get the pulse) the first beat and third beat are naturally more accented than the second and fourth. Jazz, reggae, and pop ...more

How To : Understand music notation when reading sheet music

In this video, we learn how to understand music notation when reading sheet music. To help you read sheet music wherever you are, it's an easy process. You can learn how to read sheet music within just a few minutes and practice. You can be great at reading any type of sheet m ...more

How To : Comprehend quarter, half, and whole music rests

In this tutorial, we learn how to understand music rests (Quarter, half, & whole rests). Rests are signs of silence while you are playing a song. Silence is a very important element in creating music, giving the audience time to reflect on the notes that they just heard. The w ...more

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