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How To : Use the Sony DSC W55 digital camera

The Sony DSC W55 is a compact, pocket sized digital camera. With seven megapixels and a three times optical zoom lens. This is a straightforward camera and also has a viewfinder. Watch this video to learn how to use it.

How To : Get a clear aerial video with a Sony DSC-P72

In this tutorial, we learn how to get a clean aerial video with Sony DSC-P72. First, you will want to get a large electric plane and mount the camera securely to the top of it. After this, remember to turn the camera on before you send the camera off. Now, control the plane an ...more

Shark Survival : Guide to Getting Out Alive

As a shark-spotting surfer, I am keenly aware of the few tricks that can help if I ever happen to get in a tiff with the "men in grey suits". I know we don't have much chance, but at least we can try to fight. Check out the 10 great Discovery videos here: ...more

News : Zombie-hunting assault rifle with chainsaw bayonet

GRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZBOOM! If you're facing a zombie apocalypse, or more run-of-the-mill zombie massacre, grab the first commercially available chainsaw bayonet on a rifle built specifically for zombie slaying - the DoubleStar Zombie-X-AK-47. No price yet, but its less fancy DSC Zo ...more

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