Use Ky Jelly

How To : Remove scabs after a hair transplant a comb

This how to video is a quick demonstration that shows how to remove scabs after a hair transplant. Ensure that the patient does not feel any pain by applying KY Jelly to the scabs prior to removal. Slightly massage it into the scab to moisten and detach the scab with a comb.

How To : Solve your Rubik's Cube faster with lube

This video shows you how to use lubrication to help you solve your Rubik's Cube faster. Lubrications not to use: - Sand - Petroleum or KY jelly - Vic's Vapor Rub - WD-40 Lubrication To use: - CRC Heavy Duty Silicone spray This Lubrication can be found by the car part section ...more

News : Myths and Facts About Sex

1) Most teens are having sex: MYTH! The myth is that most teens have had vaginal intercourse. Surprise, surprise: most haven’t! A survey of nearly 14,000 high school students across the country reported that less than half (47.8 percent) ever had intercourse. So why does it s ...more

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