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How To : Use proper pool cue stick grip, stance and stroke

Here is a basic technique in pool cue stick grip, stance and stroke. Reinforceable basics for beginners and advanced players. These are great tips to use before you walk into the billiard room. So, watch this video tutorial to see how to use proper pool cue stick grip, stance ...more

How To : Train a parrot to talk on cue

Who wants a great tip for training a parrot to talk easier, more clearly, and on cue? Chet Womach shares a quick tip on how to use 'heightened state of emotion' responses in parrots to get them to talk faster and more intelligibly. Learn how to teach a pet parrot to talk on cu ...more

How To : Mount ISO, BIN, or CUE files using Daemon Tools

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to mount and unmount an .ISO, .bin and .cue image with daemon tools. This is useful because when you download a game, movie or an application, you usually get an .ISO, .bin or .cue file. 1. First you must search in Google "Daemon Tool ...more

How To : Control the cue ball in pool

Controlling the cue ball in a game of billiards is very important for standard and safety shots. Get expert tips and advice on pool tables, cues, and skills in this free video. Part 1 of 11 - How to Control the cue ball in pool. Control the cue ball in pool - Part 2 of 11. Cli ...more

How To : Set up beat grids and cue points in Traktor

This tutorial presents a guide to quickly setting up beat grids and cue points inside Traktor, formerly known as Traktor DJ Studio. In particular, you will look at setting up grids and cue points with hotkeys. Refine your loops with this how-to.

How To : Cue your vinyl records on a turntable

Check out this instructional turntable video to learn how to cue your vinyl records. It's not scratching, but it is cueing. This takes some skill because you want to align two songs perfectly in sync. Remember, this only works if the stop and start time of your platter are the ...more

How To : Use reverse English to stop cue ball motion in pool

This pool shooting tutorial demonstrates how to control the cue ball using reverse English, opposite to the one that seems obvious. This will help line the ball up where you want it, preventing it from going too far down the table and allowing you to win the match.

How To : Visualize the cue ball contact point

In a difficult shot in pool, the video suggests visualizing a helper or "ghost" ball to determine where to aim. The centers of the ghost ball and the object ball should be in line with the target pocket. When hit the cue ball should stop in the place of the ghost ball for a su ...more

How To : Make an English curve with an elevated cue

This video makes you aware of the possibility of curving the ball slightly with an elevated cue stick. The elevated cue stick striking down on the cue ball will cause a very slight curve in the direction of whichever English technique you use. This video is good for those who ...more

How To : Set cue points on the Pioneer CDJ1000

Interested in jockeying discs? Compact discs? If so, you'll want a CDJ, which will permit you to do with your CDs what your turntable permits you to do with your records. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set cue points using the Pioneer CDJ1000. For more, and to get start ...more

How To : Cry on cue in 1 minute

This video shows viewers how to cry at any time they want. This is helpful for those who want to get into acting. First, relax your eyes for a few seconds. Next, massage your eyelids (with your eyes closed) with your fingertips for several seconds. Last, open your eyes and do ...more

How To : Tell if someone's lying through eye cues

In this video, Dr.Travis Fox explains how you can tell if your partner is cheating through eye cues. Many people will search and hire even private investigators to find out the truth. Dr. Fox in this video says to "save your money." He tells you about certain indicators that a ...more

How To : Position the cue ball in billiards

Positioning in all important in billiards. Get expert tips and advice on pool cues and billiards tables in this free video. Part 1 of 10 - How to Position the cue ball in billiards. Position the cue ball in billiards - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on expertv ...more

How To : Take cues from a male lead in salsa dancing

Let's face it, ladies: Salsa dancing is a guy's dance. By that we mean that whether or not you have a thrilling time dancing and look professional depends on how good your male partner is, since he's the lead. So the next time you hit a salsa club looking for a good salsa dan ...more

How To : Stop or stun action on a cue ball in pool

Watch to learn how to do stop shots and stun shots in pool by making the cue ball stop and stun at the right time. Part 1 of 2 - How to Stop or stun action on a cue ball in pool. Part 2 of 2 - How to Stop or stun action on a cue ball in pool.

How To : Make a power shot, positioning the cue ball

This video shows how to shoot the target ball with enough strength to pocket the ball and set the cue ball up for the next shot. Hitting low on the cue ball with a good follow through will position the cue ball for the next shot. If done correctly, you can end the game! Make a ...more

How To : Position the cue ball for a side pocket shot

This video demonstrates the usage of several techniques to achieve a seemingly difficult side pocket shot. The rails are used to prevent a scratch. By going over all the different techniques, this video ensures that you will always have a way to sink a pocket shot. Position th ...more

How To : Cry on cue

Crying on stage, crying at films, crying at funerals. All can be tricky if you aren't genuinely sad and emotional. Fake crying though could be your answer. Tears can be produced with lots of techniques, from onions, to Stanislavkian theory. Learn how to cry on cue, and you cou ...more

How To : Replace sound alerts with visual cues in Windows 7

In this how-to video, you will learn how to set up Windows 7 that system alerts will come up as images rather than sounds. First, go to start, control panel, and click on ease of access. Next, at the top of the window, click replace sounds with visual keys. Check the box that ...more

How To : Execute a succesful cueball draw in a game of pool

Cue ball draw refers to the way a cue ball strikes a rack of balls. In particular, if the cue ball is hit low on the ball, when it strikes a rack of balls, for the break, it will have enough backspin to wind its way back to the shooter. The draw, or the backwards spin of the ...more

How To : Use the Depth Cue in Adobe After Effects

Upload your footage to Adobe After Effects (make sure it has been set to 3-D), and then apply the effects you want, such as fog. Then, you can use the Depth Cue setting to change the depth of your picture to really make it look 3-D.

How To : Cue a tune on the Gemini CDM-3600

Want to mix and scratch like a professional DJ? To be a good DJ you need to understand the concepts of mixing tracks, adding cool effects, and of course you need a good sense of rhythm to line up the beats. This how to video explains how you can cue a tune on the Gemini CDM-36 ...more

How To : Cry on cue for theatre and film productions

The most important thing when crying on cue is to make sure that the audience can see your face. Don't just bury you face in your hands. If you do that, you communicate less emotion to the audience. To produce tears, keep your head up, but widen your eyes and strain them. If y ...more

How To : Avoid a miscue when playing billiards

Learn how to properly hit a cue ball while playing pool by learning what NOT to do. This video shows how a miscue happens from an off-center hit or no chalk. Avoid a miscue when playing billiards. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Use Version Cue to manage versions in Bridge

Version Cue is tightly integrated into the Adobe Bridge and the CS2 Applications. In this video you will see how to set up a Version Cue project and how to save multiple versions of a Photoshop document into your project. Then you'll see how to revert back to a previous version.

How To : Know the cues in conducting an orchestra

A cue shows an entrance for a player or whole section. Learn about ways in which conductors cue orchestra members in this free conducting lesson from an experienced conductor. Know the cues in conducting an orchestra - Part 1 of 30. Click through to watch this video on expertv ...more

How To : Freeze a cue ball on an object ball for safety

In the instance of all shots being blocked, you can place the cue ball near an object ball, as is shown in this video. This is a safe shot that can potentially make your opponent's next turn very difficult. Freeze a cue ball on an object ball for safety. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Pick a pool cue and case

There are many options for pool cues and cases. This video tutorial will give you some advice on which ones to choose. Does the case fit your cue properly, or does it put unnecessary pressure on the cue stick? This is just one of the questions involved. For clarification, che ...more

How To : Shoot the cue ball into a frozen ball combination

This tutorial shows two different ways to shoot a combination in pool where one element is a couple of balls that are frozen together. You can shoot the cue ball so that hits the lone ball, then deflects off the rail to hit the frozen balls, or you can do it in two shots. Usin ...more

How To : Shoot a frozen cue ball kick shot

In another shot from the film "Pool Hall Junkies" the cue ball is frozen to the object ball. However it is demonstrated how to deflect the cue ball off the opposite rail to pocket the object ball. Shoot a frozen cue ball kick shot. Click through to watch this video on colostat ...more

How To : How & Why You Should Make Your Own Protein Powder

Protein powder is a fad in the same way that Justin Bieber's music is: you either love it, or you hate it. Everyone I know has a strong opinion about protein powder, ranging from "daily necessity" to "utterly useless." The funny thing about protein powder is that these opinio ...more

News : 44 Cool New Features & Changes in Android P

Even though most phones don't have Oreo yet, Google has released the first beta tester build of Android P that anyone with a compatible device can install. It's available on Google's own Pixel devices, as well as partnered devices from Essential, Nokia, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, and X ...more

How To : Talk to your child about sex

The producers of this film should be applauded for their sensible approach in teaching parents how to talk to kids about sex. The awkward reading of cue cards and embarrassing situations will produce nervous giggles among even the most jaded audiences. This film was produced b ...more

How To : 8 Ways to Get Started as a Guerrilla Street Artist

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a gallery space or expensive art education to share your art with the rest of the world. Take a cue from today's innovative artists who share their creative experiments directly out on the streets and in public spaces for the everyday ...more

How To : All Out of Pancake Mix? Try Cake Mix Instead

If you're a frequent baker like myself, you've probably realized that one box of cake mix makes quite a bit of cake. If your goal is to make a simple Bundt or an easy dozen cupcakes, all you really need is half the box mix—which leaves the other half for another baking occasio ...more

How To : Shoot a bank hustle shot in pool

This pool shooting tutorial demonstrates how to pocket an object ball that is frozen between a rail and the cue ball. A right English technique on the cue ball will transfer as a left English on the object ball, freeing it from the rail and helping it go into a pocket.

No Preservatives, Please : How to Make Frozen TV Dinners

Please read the following in Rod Serling's voice. Picture, if you will, a mother. She comes home after a long day at the office, relieved that she took some chicken breasts out to thaw and will be able to make a quick and easy dinner for her family. She opens her refrigerator ...more

How To : Use the 90 degree rule with cut angles in pool

This pool shooting tutorial illustrates the 90 degree rule, which states that when the cue ball hits the object ball straight, the two balls will separate at 90 degrees. This is true regardless of the "cut angle," or angle the balls are apart from each other. Use the 90 degree ...more

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