Use the V-vocal in Depth Feature in Sonar

How To : Use the V-Vocal In Depth feature in SONAR

This SONAR 5 and up tutorial shows you how to use the V-Vocal feature that is now integrated seamlessly in SONAR 5. Learn how SONAR's V-Vocal feature can be used to fix pitches, correct phrasing, and more when editing audio. Originally recorded for SONAR 5 Producer Edition.

How To : Use V-Vocal in SONAR 5

SONAR Producer Edition features Roland® V-Vocal™, an exclusive vocal editing tool. V-Vocal features state-of-the-art VariPhrase technology for working with vocals. This SONAR 5 tutorial shows you how to use this powerful audio production tool to create perfect vocal tracks and ...more

News : What does Pro Tools HD Native mean for you?

Recently, Avid announced the upcoming release of Pro Tools HD Native, and caused a lot of stir in the audio community. There’s plenty of information about this new gear out there, so I won’t drop a spec sheet on you, just yet. I do, however, want to talk about what exactly “N ...more

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