How To : Devastate your attacker during a hand gun attack

Learn how to strike your attacker when facing a hand gun attack. This is step three in surviving a hand gun attack, following how not to get shot, and how to gain control of the weapon. Learn how to get inside the gun's danger circle using different strikes and stay in there. ...more

How To : Disarm the gun during a hand gun attack

This series is part for of how to survive a hand gun attack. After remaining alive, gaining control of the weapon and devastating your attacker you need to disarm the gun. Learn about the different ways to disarm a gun. Remember to stay in the center in the circle. Part 1 of 3 ...more

How To : Create distance during a hand gun attack

After you've taken the gun away you have to create distance from your attacker. This is the fifth and final step in surviving a hand gun attack. The series also gives a few final tips on how to decide when you should use these procedures. Part 1 of 4 - How to Create distance d ...more

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