How To : Make Chocolate Bowls Using Water Balloons

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make Chocolate bowls using water balloons. It is super easy to do, really fun, and is a unique way to hold your ice cream, whipped cream, and other treats. Check out the video below! Video: .

How To : Make a balloon Spider-Man

Michael Floyd shows how to make his version of Spiderman using three balloons. Spiderman is copyrighted so use this balloon creation only to show friends or family. This balloon creature has a lot of steps, but it looks really cool if you can finish.

How To : Make a wall out of balloons

This approach to building balloon walls uses round balloons to join layers of airships. Learn this great balloon joining technique. Make a cool balloon house for your kids!

How To : Make a balloon four leaf clover

Balloons are not just a way to entertain kids. Watch this video to learn how to use balloons to mimic complex real life objects. In this video the presenter makes a four lead clouds using only balloons. The presenter first uses a balloon that is partially filled with air and ...more

How To : Design a sunflower with balloons

Balloons come in various shapes and sizes and if used properly, can be combined to create complex shapes that mimic real life objects. Choosing the correct color of balloons also adds to the realism in the completed object. In this video the presenter does exactly that and cr ...more

How To : Make a balloon Optimus Prime Transformer

Balloons in skilled hands can be used to model your favorite cartoon characters as well. Watch this video to learn how to create the leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime with balloons. The presenter Michael Floyd uses the model 260 variants of cylindrical balloons of various ...more

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