Uv's in Maya

How To : Assign textures to UV's in Maya

This video shows you how to assign textures to uv's on models in Maya. This is a traditional method but fundamental to understand. You'll be painting the textures on UVs using Photoshop. NOTE: This link is to a Flash version of the first 5 minutes of this hour long tutorial. A ...more

How To : Edit UV's in Maya

Learn how to edit UVs on an object and how they are made in Maya. These videos are made for a very young audience and are very easy to follow.

How To : Make and use UV space in Maya 7

This Maya 7 video tutorial teaches you how to make and use UV space in Maya 7 from Autodesk. This video is from the "Maya Basics" course. Shaders alone do a lot to give a realistic feel to various materials, and adding textures to the mix gives them even more impact. See how ...more

How To : Unwrap a head using UV enhancements in Maya

Maya 2009, when it was released in 2008, made the process of working with UVs a lot easier. This video will teach you how to use the UV enhancement tools in Maya to unwrap a model of a head, removing some of its distortion.

How To : Create a 3D UV of shoelaces in Maya

Creating good UVs with Maya can be tough, and get tougher depending on what type of object you are trying to unwrap. This short video tutorial covers how to create accurate UVs for long objects like rope or, in this case, shoelaces. This is a simple technique, but one that sho ...more

How To : UV map a human head in Autodesk Maya

These videos will show you how to create a UV map in Autodesk Maya. Using the proper software and this human head model you will be able to follow the step-by-step instructions in this series of three videos and learn what UV mapping is and how it works. Part 1 of 3 - How to U ...more

How To : Use the UV unwrap tool in Maya

Maya 2009 introduced a lot of cool new UV tools to the already-powerful Maya 3D modeling software. This two-part video will teach you how to use some of these features to cut apart a 3D model of a hand by its UV edges. This technique is perfect for very fast organic UV unwraps ...more

How To : UV map a motherboard box in Maya

In this tutorial you will learn how to UV map a motherboard box in Maya. This Maya software tutorial covers basic UV mapping procedures and using UV's to place textures on an object like a motherboard box.

How To : Model a dolphin in Maya

In this 3D modeling software series you will learn how to model organically with polygons in Maya. For this example, you will learn how to model a dolphin. PART 1: we go over the beginning steps of modeling a dolphin with polygons. We cover how to split the model in half from ...more

How To : Create a Simple Procedural Brick Texture in Maya

This is a guide to making a very simple procedural texture for Maya. As with all procedural textures, the basic texture can be refined and added to. It's a texture! Open up the Hypershade (Window > Rendering Editors > Hypershade). This is where you can edit any textures as w ...more

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