Vegas Mask

How To : Use the mask tool in Sony Vegas Pro 9

Have Sony Vegas, but don't know all that it can do, like masking? Well, this video tutorial about masking in Vegas Pro 9 will get you started in movie visual effects. As in the video, you can give an illusion that there is a real tank in your backyard with masking. See how to ...more

How To : Create muzzle flashes on Sony Vegas Pro

Muzzle flashes are basically firing and explosive effects that come out of the pistol or barrel of a gun. These firing effects can be created on Sony Vegas using a masking technique. Watch this video to see how to have fully customizable muzzle flashes using masking tools as ...more

How To : Clone in Sony Vegas

This tutorial for Sony Vegas editing software teaches you how to make clones (2-4) of yourself! Difficult: Easy - Moderate (depending on number of clones.) Prior Knowledge: Masking (Pro users only), Cropping, Track Motion.

How To : Create the effects montage on Sony Vegas

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to create an effects montage through Sony Vegas 6.0. Keep in mind that you can't reproduce the same effect in Sony Vegas Movie Studio or Platinum because these programs don't have the masking option.

How To : Create a montage red fire effect in Sony Vegas

This tutorial shows you how to create a cool red fire effect on footage in Sony Vegas. This particular footage is from Halo 3, but you could use any video game gun firing footage or whatever. Difficulty: Medium, Hard Prior Knowledge: Masking

How To : Rotoscope in Sony Vegas Pro

This tutorial explains what rotoscoping is, and how to do it, despite him not doing it, in Sony Vegas Pro. Difficulty: Depending on Frames, Advanced/Hard Prior Knowledge: Masking, Panning/Cropping, Basic Video Effects, Track Manipulation. Cheers, -montagical

How To : Work in 3D space in Sony Vegas

This two part tutorial for Sony Vegas explains how to use 3D (axis' X Y Z). It will tell you the fundamentals to work in 3D space, and also give examples of using this. Difficulty: Moderate to Hard Prior Knowledge: Masking, Basic Video Effects, Basic Track Motion, Layers and ...more

How To : Clone yourself in Sony Vegas Pro

Prepare two video clips which are on entirely the same scene or spot. Shoot the first video clip so that the actor enters and leaves the scene from the left. Then, shoot the second video clip so that the actor enters and leaves the scene from the right. On your Sony Vegas Pro ...more

News : 20 Amazing Minecraft Costumes at MineCon 2011

MineCon 2011 (held at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas) was in a word, awesome. The crowd was overwhelmingly young, the vibe was fun and nerdy, and best of all, the costumes were inspired. Below are my favorites, which unfortunately aren't of the best quality (lighting was low and su ...more

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