Wardrobe Building

How To : Build a capsule wardrobe for women

Trying to build a wardrobe? Get tips for mixing and matching outfits and fashions in this free video series from a professional image consultant. Part 1 of 18 - How to Build a capsule wardrobe for women. Build a capsule wardrobe for women - Part 2 of 18. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Install a built-in wardrobe

If you're looking for a means of saving money as well as closet space, installing your own built-in wardrobe can be a great way to go. This free DIY video tutorial provides a nuts-and-bolts overview of the entire process.

How To : Create a professional wardrobe for women

In this series of video clips you’ll learn how to create a professional business image. Expert image consultant Jamie Yasko-Mangum offers tips and advice on building a wardrobe for a woman that presents an image of professionalism and poise. Part 1 of 14 - How to Create a prof ...more

How To : Sew a pair of fox ears for a costume

Costume fox ears are simple to make. Just draft a pattern, cut them out of the fabric, and sew it all together. Watch this video wardrobe and costume-making tutorial and learn how to build a pair of fox ears. Come Halloween, you'll have a costume ready and waiting to go. Part ...more

How To : Make a fur suit elk head costume

You don't need to go buy an expensive costume, or rent a fur suit that countless people have already sweat into. Make a fur suit just the way you want it at home. The fur suit can be a great Halloween costume or movie prop. Watch this video wardrobe and costuming video tutoria ...more

How To : Get fashion tips for your 30s

Free fashion advice! Learn how to build a classic wardrobe with suits, blouses, dresses, and accessories in this free video clip from a clothing designer. Part 1 of 14 - How to Get fashion tips for your 30s. Get fashion tips for your 30s - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Pull off the best touchdown celebration

This is probably not the best touchdown celebration but certainly would be the most annoying. Touchdown celebrations are notoriously egotistical so if you want to keep with the tradition you can try out some of these your next touchdown. You’ve built a reputation for the dept ...more

News : Steampunk Bottle (a Red and Malevolent Glow)

Thought I would cross-post a piece I did a while ago. So here is a piece I made a while back. I found this brass and glass bottle at the thrift store. At the time of purchase it had a broken music box on the bottom. I actually was able to fix the music box and it plays "How D ...more

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