How To : Build a fire in a fireplace

Learn how to build, start and add wood to a fire to create an ambiance and warmth in your house in this free home improvement video. Part 1 of 12 - How to Build a fire in a fireplace. Build a fire in a fireplace - Part 2 of 12. Click through to watch this video on expertvillag ...more

How To : Do Dhyan and Pran yoga

Expert Prem Bhatia will show you in this video series how to combine yoga and dhyana meditation. You will learn traditions of yogic meditation from an authentic Indian teacher. These videos cover hand and foot movements, stretching, kriyas, yogic postures fit for meditative pu ...more

How To : Crochet a crinkle stitch for right handers

Expand your crocheting repertoire by learning how to crochet a crinkle stitch, which does indeed replicate fabric crinkles. With very hole-y yet tightly woven vertical lines of yarn intersection with horizontal ones, this type of stitch creates excellent warm fabric for scarve ...more

How To : Mix hot buttered rum for the holidays

Hot buttered rum gives your taste buds that perfect jolt of warmth and spiciness that's great for warming up your spirits after a cold trek outdoors. Buttered rum is a great alternative to your usual martinis and cosmos at a cocktail party, and it's super festive, too. Take a ...more

How To : Create a strawberry shortcake makeup look

Watch this beauty and style video tutorial to learn how to create a strawberry shortcake makeup look. Eyes: MAC painpot in Painterly MAC e/s in sushi flower MAC e/s in Blanc type Jordana e/s Mac fluidline in Blacktrack Maybelline xxl curl power mascara Ardell #47 lashes Fac ...more

How To : Install a Timber Floor

G'day Knuckleheads. In this Owner Builder Episode we look at laying the timber floor. You'll see in this video the team showing you how to lay a timber / wooden floor. The timber or wood l used for the floor was a species of timber called Blackbutt. It's a solid 19mm x 130mm b ...more

How To : Crochet a striped baby beanie

Babies are delicate, and their little heads can get cold pretty quickly. So, if you've ever wanted to crochet a beanie made for a baby, well look no further. In this video, Teresa shows just how simple it can be to provide some warmth to a little bundle of joy. Homemade croche ...more

How To : Make fire-starters out of dryer lint

The warmth of a fire is great while camping or on a cold winter’s night but it can be difficult to get those log roaring. Use materials you have at home to create some easy, fool-proof fire starters that you can use the next time you need to get some logs burning. Save that s ...more

How To : Live in your car

Whether you have to move into your car or you want to, there are some bases you need to cover. This Howcast guide demonstrates how to live out of your car. This is also helpful for cross country trips. You Will Need * Pillows * Blankets or a sleeping bag * A cooler * A camp s ...more

How To : Design an exotic bride's bouquet for a wedding

TheFlowergod teaches you how to design an exotic bride's bouquet for a wedding. You will first need a stand for the flower bouquet, which you can make out of plastic or wood. Place the longer stem flowers inside so you have a working station. For this bouquet you will be worki ...more

How To : Protect Your Home from Mice for the Winter

Brought to you by Tomcat. Falling snow, warm fireplace, delicious hot cocoa, quiet reading time, mouse. Quick quiz - which one is not like the other? Nothing can ruin a perfectly cozy afternoon in your home like a pest on the loose. With dropping temperatures, you may have so ...more

News : Camping = Cuddling

Camping means cuddling. Let's be real, it's chilly at night the only source of warmth is the smoky campfire and the people sitting next to you. If you're an avid cuddler, and let's face it, who isn't..... then I would definitely recommend a two person bag! It may be that you ...more

How To : Build a campfire

If you’re camping outdoors, you’ll probably need to know how to make a campfire at some point. Fire is an important tool to have for cooking food and purifying water, for warmth and light, and for protection from wild animals at night. In this video series, learn the proper wa ...more

How To : Apply a Daytime Purple Makeup Look

This makeup tutorial video will show you how you can apply a daytime purple look that's not too outrageous. Products used: UDPP Rubensque paint pot MAC Pandomonium Quad Ulta brown eyeliner pencil Maybelline mascara Face: Bare Essentuals Glee and warmth EM foundation/conceale ...more

How To : Draw Sosuke Aizen of Bleach

Enjoy the following step by step tutorial of how to draw Sosuke Aizen of Bleach. During his tenure as a Soul Reaper, Aizen's public image was that of a bespectacled intellectual whose humility and warmth was equalled only by his dedication to the Gotei 13. Please visit how to ...more

How To : End a letter

Not sure how to close an important letter? Convey a powerful meaning to readers by choosing the right sign-off. In this video, proper etiquette to close a letter is gone over. You Will Need: • A letter • Sincerity Step 1: Use loving endings Show someone how much you care b ...more

How To : Apply a stable bandage

Maylyn McEwan says that a stable bandage is designed to support, protect, and provide warmth for horses. She describes how you roll the bandage, place the padding, apply the bandage, and remove the bandage. Apply a stable bandage. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Prevent hat head

Want the warmth and stylishness of a hat without the hair-plastered-to-head look when you remove it? It is possible. With this how-to video, you can learn to get rid of that nasty hat-hair.

How To : Hypoglycemia - How We Deal with It

What Is Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is the medical term used to describe a state of lower level of blood glucose. It produces different symptoms and effects resulting from inadequate supply of glucose to the brain and it leads to impairment of brain function. The effects can r ...more

How To : Build a perfect campfire

In this tutorial, we learn how to build the perfect campfire. It's important to consider the materials, it's impossible to take a lighter and light a large piece of wood. You want to start the fire small and build it large. Think about the wood you will be using, which will de ...more

How To : Stage your home for sale

In this video Andrea Osterkorn demonstrates how to stage your home for sale. It is not a comfortable process to transform your home into a home for sale. The entry way should be inviting because first impressions are important. Closets should be cleaned out. Consider renting d ...more

News : My Love Like Ash

Nervousness, when I met your lips in mine The sweet tremble of your hand and your smile; When I glanced in your eyes at the love line. I was shy at your touch, it took a while For your sweet tender care to smoothly glide Along the whisper of the mind to heart; Where the ...more

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