How To : Restore Your Headlights Using Toothpaste

Yellowed or hazed headlights don't only make your car look tacky, it also reduces the amount of light that can shine through at night. This results in poor visibility and may result in an unnecessary accident. Fortunately, if you brush your teeth, you can fix this problem! Th ...more

How To : Make a Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flower

Childcareland has shared with us the most easy way possible to make attractive colorful flowers using nothing but coffee filters, pipe cleaners, felt pens, water spray, and tape. To start off, she advises us to lay down wax paper on the surface we are working on (to prevent s ...more

How To : Assemble a sprinkler spray head

Sprinkler Daddy's Sean Stefan takes you through the steps to assembling a sprinkler spray head. He also shows how to adjust the radius of the water spray. So, if you're wanting to put sprinkler spray heads in the ground, you're going to have to watch this video tutorial on ho ...more

How To : Make 300 Spartan arm braces/arm guards

In this tutorial, we learn how to make 300 Spartan arm braces/arm guards. You will need: a cereal box, paper, newspaper, scissors, super glue, flour, water, spray paint in gold, and masking tape. To start, you will need to first draw the shape onto the cereal box and then cut ...more

How To : Iron a tie

Don't go out to a fancy party with a wrinkled tie! This video shows you how to get those wrinkles out so it looks nice and flat. Follow these simple steps to get those wrinkles out of your tie. Step 1: Set up iron Set your iron on low and use an ironing board with a terry c ...more

How To : Save water in six easy ways

Are you aware of your water usage? Are you really doing all you can to conserve water, our most precious resource? Here are some simple ways you may not have thought of and some facts about the amount of water wasted on a daily basis in America. You Will Need: - Food coloring ...more

How To : Repair a leaking pipe

Leaking pipes are a depressing fact of life. They can be an "emergency, water-spraying-on-the-floor" situation, or a slowly dripping, damp spreading nuisance. In either case, you need to deal with the leak immediately to stop further damage being done to your home. Watch this ...more

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