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How To : Define a website using Dreamweaver CS3

New to Dreamweaver CS3? Not sure how to build a website? This video shows you how to create a site from scratch, and how to define an existing website as a Dreamweaver site. Define a website using Dreamweaver CS3. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Create mouse and movie clip interactions in Flash

The mouse is the primary way in which web users interact with most websites, and it can do almost anything if your website allows it to. This video will teach you how to use Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3 to create custom mouse and movie clip interactions. This will make viewing ...more

How To : Use text as a mask in Photoshop CS3

Photoshop is the photo-editing software of choice for just about everyone these days. It is very complex; but you're in luck! We have many videos here on site dealing with how to use Photoshop's many functions. This video will teach you how to display a picture inside of text ...more

How To : Create a website drop shadow in Dreamweaver

Learn how to create a drop shadow that runs along your site, and, if your site expands, expands with it! Start in Photoshop to create a nice little drop shadow graphic and then head to Dreamweaver for some fun with CSS and divs. Looking for an easy way to create 3D shapes? Hav ...more

How To : Build a Flash-based photo gallery in ActionScript 3

Use the Flash CS3 website builder and the Action Script code to load in a series of images, then create Next and Previous buttons so you can add a gallery or slideshow feature to your website. Allow users to browse images or a portfolio on your website!

How To : Create a 360 view using Flash CS3

360 degree panoramic viewers are a staple of all kinds of websites from real estate to auto sales. This video will teach you how to create a a 360 degree view that will display on your website using Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3. Don't restrict your users to just one photo, let ...more

How To : Create links in Dreamweaver CS3

This video shows you how to create email links, text links, and image links to internal and external pages on a website using Dreamweaver CS3. You learn how to use the Link box, folder icon, and Point-to-File icon in the Property inspector to create links for text or images. Y ...more

How To : Get free custom brushes for Adobe Photoshop CS3

In this tutorial, we learn how to get free custom brushes for Adobe Photoshop CS3. Go to the website, BrushesDownload. on this site, you will see a large selection of different brushes you can download. You will be able to open the zip file that they come in, so make sure you ...more

How To : Create rollovers in Dreamweaver CS3

Rollovers let your users know that they are interacting with the web page. In this software tutorial, we will use Photoshop to create images to be used in both states of the rollovers and Dreamweaver CS3 to create the rollovers themselves. Rollovers are a huge part of website ...more

How To : Connect to an SVN Server in Dreamweaver CS4

This Adobe CS4 tutorial shows you how to use Dreamweaver CS4 to set up a connection to an SVN (Subversion) version control server to control your website directly. This is a new feature of Dreamweaver CS4 so even if you are familiar with CS3, you'll want to learn these new web ...more

How To : Use the extract tool in Photoshop CS3

The extract tool in Photoshop is one of the most frequently used - and useful - tools you'll ever learn to use. Extracting allows you to remove a picture from its background or even filter away flyaway hair. This simple Photoshop CS3 tutorial will run you through how to maste ...more

How To : Utilize the color picker component in Adobe Flash CS3

The color picker component in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3 will let visitors to your website choose their own color from a pre-selected palette and apply it to your specially indicated dynamic objects. Useful for paper-doll programs or other similar applications!

How To : Create a sunburst effect in Flash CS3

Sunbursts are very cool looking, both psychedelic and evocative of the Japanese cultural elements that are so popular in modern America. This video will teach you how to create your own sunburst effect using Flash CS3, which you can then use in your Flash website, game, or mov ...more

How To : Create toggle buttons in Flash CS3

Learning how to use Flash can be beneficial for you if you are looking to add something to your website. In this video tutorial you get to see how to make toggle buttons using the Flash CS4 program. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create toggle buttons in Flash CS4. ...more

How To : Make a Polaroid image in Photoshop CS3

CreativeIceDesigns shows you how to make a "Polaroid"-style image on Photoshop CS3. Open a new 400 x 500 pixel image, and create a new layer, and drag underneath the original background layer. On the original "Layer 0" (the top-most layer), take the marquee tool and cut out (d ...more

How To : Crop an image with Photoshop CS3

There are many instances when you may need to crop an image. Whether you need an avatar for a social networking site, or a specifically-sized image to insert into your website, Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool to use. Learn how to bring an image into Photoshop and all the ...more

How To : Save files for the web in Illustrator CS3

Are your website's graphic too small for viewing? Or too big to load? This video shows you how to preview file formats and settings in order to effectively save an Illustrator image for the web. Save files for the web in Illustrator CS3. Click through to watch this video on ad ...more

How To : Use 9-slice and 3-slice scaling in Fireworks

This video shows you how to slice a button for a website using 9-slice scaling and then using 3-slice scaling. Scaling is done the same way in Fireworks and in Illustrator CS3, so the concepts done here in Fireworks, are the same in Illustrator. Knowing how to use these tools ...more

How To : Make a flash banner in Adobe Fireworks CS3/CS4

First of all open adobe Firework CS3/CS4. Open the 'file', then 'new' and set a banner with 'width' as 900, 'height' as 100 and ‘resolution’ set as 72. It shall open a banner for you on the screen. Now from the side bar underneath the vector, select the 'ellipse tool' and then ...more

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