How To : MIG weld two pieces of sheet metal together

This Mig Welding Video Demo shows how simple and easy it is to use a MIG welding machine. Mig Welding Machines are use throughout the world. They are the suited for many welding applications. This video demonstration demonstrates Mig welding by welding two pieces of sheet meta ...more

How To : Arc weld

This video welding tutorial shows two arc or stick welding machines and explains how to connect the leads and hook it up ready for welding. Those interested in welding for metalwork will learn the proper machinery and equipment needed for welding and how to use the equipment c ...more

How To : Mig weld using the pull technique

This MIG Welding video, shows the Mig Welding Pull Technique. You can either push your mig welding gun or pull your mig welding gun during the welding process. Watch this video welding tutorial and learn how to Mig weld using the pull technique.

How To : Tack and lay a weld bead while mig welding

This video welding tutorial shows the basic operation of the MIG welding process. Here the demonstrated goes about mig welding by tacking first then laying a weld bead. Watch this instructional video and learn how to tack and lay a weld bead while mig welding.

How To : Strike an arc with a welding electrode

In order to properly strike an arc with a welding electrode, the idea is to make contact between the metal of the arc being welded and the electrode that is doing the welding. While practice is the best way to learn how to weld, some tips can give a solid beginning. Watch this ...more

How To : Choose welding gloves

Keeping the hands protected from burns or rough equipment is the main requirement of welding gloves. There are a few things to look out for: quality material (all leather), reinforcements, good stitching, softness, toughness, comfort, and length. Watch this video welding tutor ...more

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