How To : Sew custom welt cording

Add decorative touches to your home by learning how to sew. This sewing how-to video teaches you how to sew custom welt cord. You can use welt cording to decorate pillows, window treatments, or to decorate a seam. Watch and learn how easy it is to use around your home. Part 1 ...more

How To : Knit using the welt technique

This video begins with examples of different finished welt techniques being shown. A piece of finished cloth is then folded over twice and then held in place before stitching. The first knit is started on the left side of the cloth and continued until reaching the opposite sid ...more

How To : Sew a perfect jet pocket on a jacket or dress

A welted pocket (also called a jetted pocket or piped pocket) is a pocket where it appears just to be a thin slit in the fabric of the garment. Ideal for when you are making something you want to have pockets, but don't want to necessarily draw much attention to them - such as ...more

How to Kill bed bugs : Advice from an exterminator

Paul Bolzoni is one of the best exterminators of New York City. Watch as he talks about some of his experiences as he goes around New York helping people with the bedbug epidemic. He discusses various aspects of the bedbug: Not only do they live in old buildings, but many wel ...more

How To : Sew different seams into your clothing

In this tutorial, learn how to finish your clothing projects off right with seams 101. This video will walk you through how to sew the perfect seam on any sewing machine. This clip will cover the following seams: • Plain Seam • Basting Stitch • Slot Seam • Flat-Felled Seam • ...more

News : The Coolest Tech to Come Out of CES 2016

There's been a whole lot going on at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, from the latest in virtual reality gear to televisions that continue to slim down while producing higher quality images. We've seen so many smart automobiles and appliances that it feels like pretty s ...more

CES 2016 : New Gadgets from Samsung's Creative Lab

The Creative Lab at Samsung, also known as their C Lab, is trying to make wearable fitness devices more inconspicuous with its wearable smart belt, the WELT, but that might not be all. Another of the works in progress the company demonstrated at CES 2016, the TipTalk, could h ...more

How To : Make several seams with your sewing machine

You may or may not realize it, but there are certain seams that are used when making clothes. Each seam as their advantages for keeping things together, so it's important to know them when making your own clothes. In this handy tutorial, you'll find out how to make several se ...more

How To : Craft a DIY cord basket adorned with ribbons

When it comes to quirky homemade DIY, cords - made from rope, twine, or other materials - aren't usually used in many projects. Other than tying nautical knots, it seems they're quite defunct. But not so. Simply watch this video tutorial to learn how to craft a DIY cord baske ...more

How To : Survive a killer bee attack

Africanized honeybees, also called killer bees, can be far more aggressive than other types. Here's how to survive when they're on the rampage. You Will Need * The ability to run quickly * Soap and water * A flat, straight-edged object (optional) WARNING: Seek immediate medic ...more

News : pepperballmaina

ok so my idea is you guys dress up like cowboys and indins and spreed out threw an arena during a wwe event and have pepperball guns and just start shooting eatchother but you dont do taht untell i blow th wisel and then thats when you start Warnings pepper balls are a non lea ...more

News : Squash Ball Firing Squad

Ever been hit by a squash ball? I have, and it hurts like shit and will leave an ENORMOUS welt. IDEA: get a dozen or so hard-hitting squash pros to fire away at a few of the guys, or have one of them stand facing the wall during an intense game of doubles squash. Oy Vey!

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