How To : Do the West Coast swing dance easily

The West Coast swing is a dance that derives from the Lindy Hop (which is itself based on the popular Charleston), and it's a fun dance that centers around two partners compressing together and then extending apart. The dance is super elastic and is a great one to know at any ...more

How To : West Coast swing dance

In this video dancing lesson, our expert dance instructors will demonstrate how to do the West Coast Swing Dance, which is a variation of the traditional Lindy Hop swing dance. They will give a step-by-step lesson on the footwork, passes and body movements for West Coast Swing ...more

How To : Dance the West Coast Swing

In this video series, get an introduction to West Coast swing dancing from a renowned competitive dancer and instructor. Learn the basic swing steps and moves, including the sugar push, the left and right side pass, the locked and open whip, syncopation, and the ronde, with an ...more

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