What Is Garden?

How To : Turn a salvaged urn into a garden fountain

In this video, Amy R. Hughes shows you how to breathe new life into a salvaged urn by creating this easy water feature in 5 quick steps. By using a cast iron planter that already has a drainage hole in its base, you can do this project with minimal tools and effort. Age and ...more

How To : Make concrete garden spheres

Concrete garden spheres are an excellent way to decorate your garden. Learn how to make concrete garden spheres from Farouk Ramadan in this free landscaping video series. Part 1 of 7 - How to Make concrete garden spheres. Make concrete garden spheres - Part 2 of 7. Click throu ...more

How To : Grow an herb garden indoors

There's nothing nicer than being able to pluck fresh herbs from your own little garden – especially when that garden is right in your home! Learn how to grown an herb garden indoors with this how to video. You Will Need * Containers * Pottery shards or gravel * Planter soil o ...more

How To : Rid your garden of white fly

One of the ironies of gardening is that often some of the smallest pests can create the biggest nuisance. White flies can drain the life out of your plants. You can see the evidence of white fly damage in the lack of vigor in the plant and the discoloration of the leaves. Befo ...more

How To : Make hoops for your low garden tunnel

With low garden tunnels you can protect your plants from frost and insects, and you can overwinter your crops. In this episode of Growing Wisdom, host Dave Epstein will look at how to build a garden low tunnel. He'll focus on using the Quick Hoops Bender for the project. Grow ...more

How To : Set up a hydroponic herb garden on your rooftop

Setting up a hydroponic herb garden might sound like a dauntingly big project but, as this clip demonstrates, it's much more manageable than you might expect. It's so straightforward, in fact, that this gardener's guide can present a complete and thorough overview of the proce ...more

News : Gardening's Here!

Finally! Gardening! Many have been waiting for ages for this invention to come true, and now it has! Come experience it for yourselves in the Test Realm (instructions on getting there will be added)! When you enter, go the Moolinda Wu and she will teach you how to start garden ...more

How To : Get rid of three common garden bugs

Gardening can be relaxing in the summertime. The sun is shining, the flowers smell delicious and it can be great exercise..it would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for all those pesky bugs. In this tutorial, learn how to get rid of three common garden bugs and make your ho ...more

How To : Plant shallots in a container garden

Monty Don demonstrates how to plant heritage variety shallots in a container, offering advice on drainage and planting depths. Follow these Gardeners' World step-by-step guides to garden projects from the BBC. These lovely tutorials on gardening will grow your green thumb and ...more

How To : Start a Vegetable Garden

It's always a pleasure to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Start with good, healthy soil and add lots of organic material. To grow your herbs and vegetables: you can use either seeds or seedlings. Seeds are more cost effective but take longer to grow whereas with seedlings ...more

How To : Walkthrough God of War III — Hera's Garden

Find out how Kratos can get Hera's Chalice in this God of War 3 video guide. This chalice can drain health meters. This all takes place in the Olympic Gardens and the Stone of Hyperion. Watch the walkthrough for Hera's Garden in God of War III on PS3. Mahalo's God of War 3 Wa ...more

How To : Create a bog garden in a container

Learn how to create a bog garden in containers with this gardening tutorial. There are some lovely plants for growing in damp, boggy conditions, but if your soil is well drained and dries out quickly these bog plants will struggle to grow. A simple way of growing bog plants is ...more

How To : Get rid of caterpillars in the garden

Don't let another summer go by dealing with webworms or caterpillars. In this how to video, our gardening expert P. Allen Smith teaches you how he gets rid of webworms and caterpillars in his garden. Maintain your garden's health by ridding it of harmful insects.

How To : Get rid of garden snails and slugs

Tired of losing your gardening efforts to snails and slugs? Use these methods to banish the pests. You Will Need * A container of warm, soapy water * Diatomaceous earth * Ceramic flowerpots * Beer * Sugar * Baking yeast Step 1 Remove slugs and snails by hand. Check in shady ...more

How To : Stop Gypsy Moths from destroying your garden

Moths are usually pretty harmless, but the Gypsy Moth is an exception. They can defoliate an area with astonishing speed, and if you see them in your garden you need to take action immediately. Watch this video to find out how.

How To : Plant out leeks in a container garden

Monty Don demonstrates how to plant out leeks without damaging their roots, offering advice on planting depths and watering frequency. Follow these Gardeners' World step-by-step guides to garden projects from the BBC. These lovely tutorials on gardening will grow your green t ...more

How To : Create an enchanted fairy garden cupcake

As little girls, we're always entranced by magical lore: Beautiful princesses, handsome knights in shining armor, and fairies that spark our imagination and take us to another world where anything can happen and there's always a happily ever after ending. Indulge your little ...more

How To : Weed your garden by hand

Monty Don explains the benefits of hand weeding, demonstrating how to keep unwanted weeds at bay. A weed is simply a plant in the wrong place. Weed your garden all year round, particularly in the spring. Learn some handy tips for hand weeding. Weed your garden by hand. Click t ...more

My Father's Garden : Awe Inspiring Macro Footage

Amazing what you can get out of camcorder these days. "Discovering a whole tiny world in my father's small garden. There is a small pond with small falls, some stones, some plants, and plenty of life! Shot on Panasonic 500- Fujinon 17x7.6 HD lens." Video: Use the Panasonic HP ...more

News : Who Says Gardening and Hot Dogs Don't Mix?

There, I Fixed It passes along an easy, redneck solution to grilling some dogs. All you need is a rake. Looking for something redneck, but a bit more fun? Look no further, electrocute that hot dog: Video: Electrocute that hotdog. Previously, Redneck Sushi.

How To : Turn your backyard into a beer garden

Why have a plain old barbecue when you can host an Oktoberfest? Make it authentic with these tips. You Will Need * Picnic tables * Blue-and-white checked tablecloths * German beer * Beer mugs or steins * German sausages * German foods * Polka music * Apple strudel or black for ...more

How To : Make a garden maze

Looking to be the talk of the town? Do you love gardening and have some time to spare? Build a garden maze and make your yard the neighborhood sensation. You Will Need: • A level, open spot • A pencil • Graph paper • A lawn mower • Rope or string • Plants • A shovel • ...more

How To : Plant Lamb's Ear as a ground cover in your garden

When watching this video, you will realize why Lamb's Ear, or stachys byzantin, may be a perfect choice of plant to set in front of your other plants. With a sea green color and low profile, it will set the rest of the garden off beautifully. Place it along borders of the gard ...more

News : Gardening additions

Here's an update to the "How Do I Garden?" portion of the Gardening explanation. There's a few extra pictures to explain it all.How do I Plant? When you're ready to plant a seed in prepared soil or a planter, you must cast a seed planting spell. This places the chosen seed in ...more

How To : Make a gardening fertilizer from skunky beer

While this video starts off talking about beer, it shows how to turn an old beer into a great gardening fertilizer. You will need water, epsom salt, and the old beer. Watch this intructional video and learn how to give an undrinkable beer a new life by turning it into a plant ...more

How To : Make a Zen garden on a budget

A thrift store picture frame is the basis for this easy tabletop DIY Zen garden. This little Zen garden is a great way to decorate a bathroom or living room. Learn how to make a cheap and easy Zen garden watch this video home decorating tutorial.

How To : Build a raised flower or garden bed with Lowe's

In this tutorial, we learn how to build a raised flower or garden bed with Lowe's. First, you need to decide what you want your bed built with. There should be enough support for the soil and plants, along with being in a good place so it will reach the sun all over. Make sure ...more

How To : Choose & Install Garden Lighting

Want to bring some light to your garden and make it look fabulous at night? You may want to consider installing garden lights. As for what sort of lights to install, that depends on your garden and the type of effect you wish to achieve. For detailed instructions on choosing t ...more

How To : Make a mosaic for your home or garden

Mosaics are a cool type of art. You can use mosaics to liven up your home or garden and they are cheap and fun to make. Check out this video for tips and instructions for making mosaics. You Will Need • Fiberboard • Pencil • Ceramic and glass • Adhesive glue • Strips of w ...more

How To : Draw a rose garden

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a rose garden. Begin by marking the locations of the objects, such as the pathway and the arch. Then draw the rosebushes surrounding the path and arch. The bushes only need to be drawn with cross hatching or quick lines. They d ...more

How To : Build a seedbomb for guerrilla gardening

This how-to video demonstrates how you can build your very own seedbombs using clay, fertilizer and seeds (naturally). These "bombs," in turn, can be thrown in hard-to-reach or otherwise inaccessible places, creating green where there once was none. Get started guerilla garden ...more

How To : Cook Olive Garden's Chianti braised short ribs

Braising, one of Olive Garden Executive Chef Paolo Lafata's favorite techniques, is a slow cooking process that produces extremely tender and flavorful meat without much effort. A great choice for the cooler months, the dish is anchored by tender beef short ribs that are slow ...more

News : Mutate Your Garden Spoils

Horticulture mad-science offers a slew of marketing possibilities. How is it that our grocery stores aren't filled with Mickey Mouse shaped melons or, as in the case of Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang, baby shaped pears? Xianzhang isn't the first to come up with the idea of young ...more

How To : Lay a path in your garden

Monty Don demonstrates how to lay slabs on sand and cement with the aid of a spirit level and a grid of pegs, to create a path. Gardeners' World is brought to you by the BBC. Search Gardeners' World on WonderHowTo for more videos that give practical gardening advice from expe ...more

How To : Make a Window Garden to Grow Food in a Small Space

Growing whatever food that you can yourself is tremendously good for the environment because industrial food production has all sorts of ecological problems. If you live in an apartment, it might seem impossible to grow your own food. Think again! This video will show you how ...more

How To : Draw a rose garden with Michael Weisner

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a rose garden. Begin by marking the locations of the objects. Then draw the rose bushes around the garden pathway. Draw the lines with some cross hatching. This will give the bushes some form and feel. Add some circular boxes i ...more

How To : Save heirloom tomato seeds for gardening

Heirloom tomato seeds are easy to dry at the end of the season so that you can plant your favorites in the garden next year. Saving seeds of heirloom tomato plants will let you control the plants you grow next year. Watch this Gardening how-to video and learn how easy it is to ...more

How To : Take care of Fuschia plants in your garden

Fuschia flowers are very pretty, and they aren't too hard to grow if you've got a nice garden to work with. Watch this video for all kinds of tips on caring for Fuschia plants, like when to deadhead them and when to start and stop adding fertilizer.

How To : Create a vertical rock garden in your backyard

Add a modern twist to your typical green garden. This vertical rock garden gives you some extra privacy in a busy townhouse complex. So watch this how to video to learn how to create a beautiful vertical rock garden in your backyard.

News : Bird Art for the Garden

Today, I'm on an art kick, and sadly (happily) I'm finding things that are cooler than the things I make. I love seeing waste turned into art!

How To : Plant thornless blackberries in a container garden

Apache blackberries are a great type of blackberries to plant because they are thornless so you don't get pricked by any thorns when it is time to pick them. The blackberries bloom in June, the best time to plant them would be early April, otherwise you'll be waiting a year to ...more

How To : 9 Clever Reuses for Your Leaky Gardening Hose

Gardening hose starting to leak? Don't throw it out just yet. Cut it up into smaller lengths and slice it open to use the hose as a protective barrier for outdoor electrical cords, or as added grip on a metal paint can handle. If your home has a very small garage, you can use ...more

How To : Make a dish garden arrangement using silk flowers

The art of floral arrangement is a fun and valuable skill. Dana Plazyk of Flowers by Design lends useful tips and tricks on making simple flower arrangements. Use these easy steps to create a mini-garden you can enjoy in any room in the house. Dana shares her techniques for g ...more

How To : Construct raised garden beds

How to construct a raised garden bed; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 29 - How to Construct raised garden beds. Construct raised garden beds - Part 2 of 29. Click through to wat ...more

How To : Lay pavers in your garden

Want to lay pavers in your garden but don't know how? In this how to video, landscape gardener and ex-NRL footballer Max Brown creates a garden path with pavers. He covers all the tools, materials and techniques you will need to lay pavers in a garden. Lay pavers in your garde ...more

How To : Install a garden edge

Installing a garden edge is an easy and effective way to ensure that your garden stays orderly and that your lawn doesn't creep over. A garden edge can also be a big help in keeping weeds from getting into your garden and ruining your beautiful plants. You will need to measure ...more

How To : Build a raised garden bed & hoop house

In this video you are taught how to build a raised garden bed and hoop house. You first begin with a layer of gravel and then place the layers on top of it. You can use leaves you can find to fertilize the soil. The video also teaches you how to build a hoop house using PVC pi ...more

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