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How To : Pronounce French words mean the same in English

Some French words look the same and have the same meaning in English but they are pronounced differently. This video series teaches you how to pronounce these words. Part 1 of 23 - How to Pronounce French words mean the same in English. Part 2 of 23 - How to Pronounce French ...more

How To : Find the standard error of the mean

In this video the tutor explains about the standard error of the mean. He starts explaining by drawing the diagram of a distribution and now he takes ten samples from the distribution and starts plotting them. He says that in theory if we do it infinite times then we can obtai ...more

How To : Neutralize mean girls

Rumors, gossip, exclusion. Mean girls have a lot of weapons in their repertoire – here's how to combat all that nastiness. Step 1 No matter how intimidated you may feel on the inside, do your best to exude confidence on the outside. Standing up straight and maintaining eye co ...more

How To : Understand mean and standard deviation

Keith M. Bower explains the meaning of mean and standard deviation. This educational video gives insight in the basics of statistics. The relations between population mean and sample mean and between population standard deviation and sample standard deviation are explained. Th ...more

How To : Find the mean and standard deviation

Mean and standard (or normal) deviation may be hard to understand at first, but with the help of this handy little guide from the pros at Exam Solutions you will be up to speed in no time. In this video, you are shown how to calculate the mean and standard deviation from a no ...more

How To : Find the average "mean" of a group of numbers

Need some help with the mean for your math class? The mean is otherwise known as the "average" of a group of numbers. This video tutorial will show you how to find the average "mean" of a group of numbers. The mean is the same as the average. Add up the series of numbers and ...more

How To : Find the geometric mean

It doesn’t matter how long ago your last geometry class was, you can still impress your friends by finding a geometric mean. The geometric mean can be used to find the average of numbers with out unusually high or low results effecting the result. The geometric mean of two nu ...more

News : What does being natural mean?

By Maria Stuart Being natural most black women who chose not to permanently alter their hair with chemicals. Natural hair refers to texture not color. While dyes change the natural color, they do not affect the texture significantly. As Head Naturalista in Charge at my univer ...more

How To : Find the mean o a set of numbers

"Mean" is really the average on a set of numbers. The video uses the temperatures on a weather report as an example of a data set. Start by adding the temperature numbers of the week up. After you have the total, divide that number by 7, because you used 7 numbers in your data ...more

How To : Understand and find the mean, median, and mode

The Mean is the average number, the Median is the center of the group and the Mode is the number that shows most often. Example of Mean: 24 + 25 + 35 = 84 (Divide by three because that is how many numbers there are and that should give you 28 which is the average number out o ...more

How To : Calculate a trimmed mean in Microsoft Excel

If you use Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, odds are you work with numbers. Put those numbers to work. Statistical analysis allows you to find patterns, trends and probabilities within your data. In this MS Excel tutorial from everyone's favorite Excel guru, YouTube's Excel ...more

How To : Recognize what soccer referee signals mean

Ever wonder why there are always crazy-looking people in World Cup soccer stadiums who wave their arms around frantically during a soccer game, and not just because they're crazed fans? Welcome to the world of refereeing, which involves the very demanding physical labor of di ...more

How To : Find mean, median, & mode (averages)

If you use Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, odds are you work with numbers. Put those numbers to work. Statistical analysis allows you to find patterns, trends and probabilities within your data. In this MS Excel tutorial from everyone's favorite Excel guru, YouTube's Excel ...more

How To : Use Z tests for the mean in statistics

Lawrence Perez, from Saddleback College, and his assistant Charlie, give this introduction to statistics lesson on using the Z tests for the mean. If you don't know about statistics, well, I don't know what to say.

How To : Deal with a mean boss

Sadly, into each life at least one mean, nasty, low-down, no-good boss must fall. When it's your turn, you'll want these survival tips. Trying to remain calm and protecting yourself are important strategies to protect your career. Watch this video job skills tutorial and learn ...more

How To : Make a mean cat like you

Got a nasty cat that you're trying to make nice with? Even though cats can be fickle, they can still be won over. This simple trick will help you win over the neighbor's, friend's or even your own pet cat. Watch this video tutorial and find out how to make a mean cat like you.

How To : 5 Super Mean Pranks You Can Do!

The following is a compilation of 5 super mean pranks you can set up on friends and family members at home, you'll only need household times which most of you already have, such as cereal box, plastic bottle, styrofoam cup, Plastic bag, Shaving cream and even a simple string. ...more

How To : 5 School Mean Pranks That Never Fail!

The following are 5 really mean pranks you can pull off at school on classmates or if you're brave enough on a teacher. Only school supplies will be needed for these pranks, such as pencils, pens, erasers and white out! Video: .

How To : Find the mean of a set of numbers

Need to find the mean (that is, the regular average) of a set of numbers? It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this clip can present an overview in just under 45 seconds' time. Learn how with this free video lesson. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of ...more

How To : Use a mean and scatter plot for Statistics

Wondering how to use a mean and scatter plot for statistics? Just follow the few simple steps as below. First step: calculate the scatter plot points on a graph. Second step: make sure to check that mapping the points is perfect. Third step: For example, take a point where ...more

News : 13 I-do-mean Hellacious Potato Gun how-to Articles

Here are the13 best articles on How to Build a Potato Gun. http://www.scribd.com/doc/15796837/To-Make-A-Spudgun-An-instructionally-informative-document-by-Enoctis Here was my process:  I chose among combustion based guns.  No pneumatics.  As a curator of the video site, Won ...more

How To : Stop Tossing Food—Expiration Dates Mean Nothing

I'll admit it: I ignore expiration dates. No matter if it's a sell-by date, "best if used before" date, or even a use-by date, I don't care. I just check for signs of food decay and keep on eating. Not everyone is as lax as I am about expiration dates, though. Some people tos ...more

How To : Make a lean, mean low calorie mojito

Don’t pass up on this festive favorite because of the calories; just mix yourself a lighter version mojito. You will need: 4 fresh mint leaves 4 lime wedges 1 1/2 low-calorie rum some club soda a Collins glass a muddler or a spoon crushed ice 1 sugar substitute Did you know? ...more

How To : 5 Mean Shoe Pranks You Must Try

The following are 5 pranks you can set up on your friends and family using their shoes. They're quite funny and to prepare these pranks all you really need are a few household items and a couple other things you can get at your local dollar store such as party snaps and party ...more

How To : 5 Mean April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Do

You can never pull off "too many" pranks on April 1st, so here are 5 simple yet very mean pranks you can prepare for friends and family on April Fool's Day! Not much is needed, just a few household items you most likely already have. Here is the video tutorial to get a better ...more

News : Does "Contemporary Art" Mean "Now Art"??

The artmarketblog.com has been writing articles for a while now on the deceptive practice among the leading auction houses, of staging a "contemporary art" auction. What they do is, put a few Warhols up, then a bunch of unknown artists, since they are all part of the same auct ...more

How To : Draw a mean-looking Rottweiller guard dog

This video demonstrates how to draw a Rottweiler dog using a piece of paper and any writing utensil. The creator of this video has already sketched the rough outline of the dog using a pencil in order to give them a general idea of the final product. First, you should start by ...more

How To : Do the mean bunny prank

This was a one shot prank that requires prepping. Earlier in the day, I told the victim, that I wanted her to do a promo for my "New Easter video". I told her to go outside, get my bunny and come back inside to show it to the cameras. Have one guy dress up in the scary bunny o ...more

How To : Become more popular without turning mean

There's no exact science to achieving high-school popularity. But you definitely don't have to throw half your class under the bus to get there. You Will Need * Desire to be popular * Good attitude * Confidence * Gimmick * Sense of humor Step 1: Be likable Popularity boils d ...more

How To : What Do the Leaves Mean in Pokémon GO?

While wandering around in Pokémon GO, you'll occasionally see what appears to be leaves fluttering around nearby. This is actually meant to be Pokémon "rustling in the grass," but whatever the intention, it means that there may be a wild Pokémon in that area. While there's no ...more

News : July 4th Sales Mean Big Savings on iPhone SE

This Fourth of July, stock up on hot dogs, ice cream, and smartphones. Yep, this Independence Day is a surprisingly good time to get your hands on the iPhone SE. If you're interested, head to your nearest Best Buy to check out this major deal. (Or wait for the iPhone 8 to come ...more

How To : Say "what does that mean?" & "i'm lost" in Polish

Anytime you leave the country for a country that speaks another language, it's important to learn the phrase, "I'm lost". Learn how to say that, along with other phrases that will help you on your journey such as "How much?" and "What does that mean?". Work on your Polish pron ...more

News : What does Pro Tools HD Native mean for you?

Recently, Avid announced the upcoming release of Pro Tools HD Native, and caused a lot of stir in the audio community. There’s plenty of information about this new gear out there, so I won’t drop a spec sheet on you, just yet. I do, however, want to talk about what exactly “N ...more

How To : Calculate standard deviation

Looking to find the standard deviation of your set of values? Standard deviation quantifies how diverse the values of your data set are, and is useful in determining how different your numbers are from each other. You Will Need: • Data • A calculator Step 1: Collect your d ...more

How To : Interpret a standard deviation

A rough definition of standard deviation is that it is a measure of expressing the observed variations about the average in statistical data i.e. by how much do the observed values vary from the mean. This video continues from the previous solved example and demonstrates the m ...more

How To : Find standard deviation

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to calculate the standard deviation of a data set. The standard deviation of a statistical population, a data set, or a probability distribution is the square root of its variance. To calculate the standard deviation, users will need t ...more

How To : Draw two baby gangsta chicks with Wizard

When we say gangsta chicks, we don't mean two streetsmart whores with baggy pants and chola eyebrows. Rather, this drawing tutorial presents a literal - and very humurous - interpretation of "gangsta chicks." Watch the video to learn how to draw to chicks - as in baby chicken ...more

How To : Scout for locations, guerilla style

No, this isn't location scouting in the professional, industry term, where often paperwork and legal matters become involved. We mean it in the way that guerrilla filmmakers mean it. Not everyone can pay up to city hall or be insured. Sometimes the best way is to wing it with ...more

How To : Understand algebra functions

What does f(x) mean? What does g(4) mean? We explore this and more in this 3-part series, "Understanding Math Functions." Part 1 of 3 - How to Understand algebra functions. Part 2 of 3 - How to Understand algebra functions. Part 3 of 3 - How to Understand algebra functions.

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