How To : Hack a lock with a soda can shim

Don't know the combination to your lock securing all of your important gym socks? Maybe you just want to impress all of your friends by hacking a combo lock? Whatever the reason, this instructional hacking video will show you how to open a lock with a soda can shim the easy wa ...more

How To : Pick a combination lock using a soda can

In this tutorial, we learn how to pick a combination lock using a soda can. To begin, have your lock next to you and an empty soda can and scissors. When your lock won't open, cut the soda can in the middle so you have a small square. After this, cut off strips, then measure t ...more

How To : Make a stash can out of an empty soda can

In this tutorial, learn how to make a stash can. This can may be used to hide anything that will fit inside and no one will ever know the difference. A stash can is something that looks like an unopened normal soda can but is really an empty jar. Follow along for this step by ...more

How To : Make the best skateboard wax

In this video, we learn how to make the best skateboard wax. First, take an empty soda bottle and cut it in half. Next, fill the bottom third of the can with vegetable oil. Next, add in some butter in with the vegetable oil, cutting it into small pieces. Now, you can put this ...more

How To : Perform the heal and reseal soda can magic trick

In this trick, a seemingly empty soda can is healed and resealed as an unopened can with soda still inside. To create the prop you will need a regular can of soda, a thumbtack, a marker, a piece of paper, and some scissors. Watch this video magic tutorial and learn how to perf ...more

How To : Make a soda can pipe

This video explains how to make a bong pipe out of a soda can. You will need an empty soda can and a piece of sandpaper. Remove the metal cap tab from the can and bend it until it breaks. You will need the piece with the two sharp ends later. On the side you drink out of, flat ...more

How To : Use hydrogen for better mileage

Hydrogen can be used to improve mileage. The hope with this method is that hydrogen will increase the amount of gasoline combusted and increase fuel efficiency, as you trickle hydrogen into the tank. Often propane is used to increase gas mileage. The studies are still being do ...more

How To : Make the coke can stand on its own

Here is a trick to play anytime you have an empty soda can. Learn to stand the can on its edge and make everyone believe the special powers you claim to have. Stand a can of soda on its end and amaze all onlookers. Make the coke can stand on its own. Click through to watch thi ...more

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