How To : A Beginner's Guide to Appreciating Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is the ultimate American spirit, considering the barrel-aged distilled spirit was originally produced in an area known as Bourbon County, Kentucky. To meet the legal definition of bourbon, it must be produced in the United States, must be created with at least 51% corn ...more

How To : Make holiday eggnog with rum, brandy or whiskey

What’s the holiday season without a glass of creamy eggnog? Can you even remember a Christmas when everybody wasn't drunk off eggnog? Well, this year, instead of buying eggnog from a carton and simply spiking it with a little alcohol, learn to make your own. This video will g ...more

How To : Make Whiskey Ball Ice Without a Mold

If there's a better way to impress your friends than with cocktails, I don't know what it is. Some nice glasses, quality spirits, and a recipe that doesn't involve pre-made margarita mix, and you'll automatically look suave. However, the most overlooked cocktail accoutrement ( ...more

How To : Make an Alcohol Vaporizer (Whiskey Cloud)

Alcohol Vaporizer Vaporize your alcohol spirit with this simple to make vaporizer and inhale the flavored vapor rather then drinking it. Step 1: Making the Vaporizer This video shows what you need and has a simple step by step guide for how to make your vaporizer. Video: . ...more

How To : Do the whiskey versus water bar trick to win bets

If you are looking for a cool new way to hustle free drinks at the bar or cash from your friends, check out this tutorial. In this video, you will learn an incredibly interesting trick using just whiskey, water, two shot glasses and a card or driver's license. Bet a friend tha ...more

How To : Do the whiskey and water swap bar trick

Somewhere between bartending and magic, this trick will transform water into whiskey, and fast! Watch them switch places as the video shows how you get whiskey into a glass full of water, without taking the water out off the glass. The whiskey and water trick is a fun bar tric ...more

How To : Play "Whiskey Lullaby" on the guitar

Want to learn how to play "Whiskey Lullaby" on the guitar? With this tutorial you can learn how to play the intro to "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss on the acoustic guitar. This version is a simplified version of the song and is not exactly how Brad Paisley ...more

How To : Make whiskey in your own bathroom

Ever try to make down home whiskey from scratch? This three part tutorial takes you through the steps needed to make whiskey in your own bathroom! Follow these steps and shock your guests when they ask you what brand of whiskey you're serving! Part 1 of 3 - How to Make whiskey ...more

Best Invention Ever : Drink Chilling Whiskey Stones

There's nothing worse than a drink gone lukewarm. Add ice, and your precious bourbon gets watered down. Solution? Whiskey stones. An innovation by design retailer and manufacturer Teroforma, the product was conceived of by company co-founder Andrew Hellman. Hellman was inspir ...more

How To : Mix the Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Chris McMillian, master mixologist, shows you how to mix a Whiskey Sour cocktail. The Whiskey Sour is one of the simplest cocktails to make, it balances sweet and sour and is a cocktail every bartender should know. Ingredients: bourbon (Maker's Mark) simple syrup lemon juice ...more

How To : Make a whiskey sour from scratch

This video teaches you how to make a whiskey sour drink from scratch. You first put 1 jigger of whiskey for each drink into a cocktail shaker. Next you add about ¾ of an ounce of lemon juice per drink. Then you add 1 tablespoon of sugar syrup. You make this by heating water an ...more

How To : Make a whiskey flip

Learn how to make a whiskey flip from The Art of the Drink master and get some background on "the flip". Add a bit of class to your party with this classic cocktail. Your grandfather will be proud.

How To : Mix a Sidecar Knob Creek whiskey cocktail

Bourbon whiskey, triple sec, and lime juice make up the Sidecar cocktail. Follow along with bartender Andrea as she gives step by step directions for how to mix up this classic drink. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix the Sidecar cocktail.

How To : Make a whiskey sour cocktail

This video describes how to make a whiskey sour cocktail. First take the following ingredients Bourbon Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Gomme Syrup, Cocktail Glass, Strainer, and Shaker. Now take Cocktail glass with full of "Ice cubes", and stir it well and using "strainer" filter the wa ...more

How To : Mix a whiskey sour cocktail

American Bartenders School shows how to make a Whiskey Sour mixed drink cocktail. You will need whiskey and sweet and sour mix. Watch this specialty drink-mixing tutorial and learn how to make a whiskey sour cocktail.

How To : Drink Scottish whiskey

In this online guide to whiskey you'll learn all about the alcoholic beverage the Irish call “uisce beatha” or “Water of Life.” Expert Patrick McMenamin gives you a history of Scotch whiskies, explains the differences in single malt whiskeys and blended whiskeys, and offers ti ...more

How To : Mix an Old Fashioned bourbon whiskey cocktail

Nothing is says classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned. You will need simple syrup, bitters, bourbon whiskey, and an orange peel for garnish. Learn how to mix an Old Fashioned cocktail by watching this video beverage-making tutorial.

How To : Mix a Maker's whiskey Manhattan cocktail

Learn how to make a Makers Manhattan in this how-to video tutorial. Watch as Geoff from Far West Billiards in Spokane shows how to make a this classic alcoholic drink. All you need to mix a Makers Manhattan cocktail is: Maker's Mark whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters and a drop o ...more

How To : Mix a Samuels cocktail w/bourbon whiskey & cranberry

Tired of Cosmopolitans? This unusual cocktail adds a new twist on the run-of-the-mill Cosmo, by replacing vodka with Maker's Mark bourbon whisky. Learn how to mix the Samuels cocktail by watching and following along with this drink-making video tutorial.

How To : Mix a whiskey sour cocktail drink

Rob "Riki Tiki" Roy takes a vague request and brings about a classic. All you need is whiskey, sweet and sour mix, and a cherry for garnish. Sweet and sour mix can be added to any liquor to create a something sour cocktail. It's so easy.

News : Magically swap water with whiskey

Properly produced, a pointless bar trick is as much a how-to as a Mario Batali cooking instructional. We are non-discriminatory in that regard. While curating, we focus primarily on the INTENT of the video. In truth, WonderHowTo has indexed multiple versions of this same whis ...more

How To : Mix an Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail

An Old Fashioned cocktail may be too "old" for you, but don't let the name full you. This cocktail packs a punch, a punch anyone can enjoy. What you'll need for the Old Fashioned cocktail is whiskey, bitters, cherries, an orange and some sugar water.

How To : 5 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

There's nothing better than gulping down an ice cold beer to calm the senses and ease the mind. The holiday season can be very stressful as people scramble around trying to find the best gifts for friends and family. And we all know that gifts can be very hit or miss, but it's ...more

How To : Make a Soothing Hot Toddy Drink with Bourbon

After a stressful day, there's nothing more relaxing than a smooth glass of straight, room temperature whiskey to help unwind. On hot days, popping a few rocks in does the trick. And on cold days, hot toddies are truly amazing. If you've ever had a hot toddy, chances are you ...more

How To : Make Smoked Ice for One-of-a-Kind Cocktails

A long time ago I was reading an issue of Saveur and saw an article about a trendsetting bar in Portland. The bartender at the joint had started making enormous blocks of smoked ice for his cocktails. When a patron ordered a drink that called for the smoked ice, the bartender ...more

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