How To : Boof effectively in whitewater kayaking

Shane Benedict explains key techniques to an effective boof. Everybody wants to know how to boof. The boof is, without a doubt, the most essential weapon in your creeking arsenal. There are several key points to making this move effective; approach, stroke, and body placement ...more

How To : Read the river and know safety tips for rafting

In this video series, watch as expert river rafter Kevin McMillan teaches how to read rivers & safety tips for whitewater rafting. Learn how to organize a whitewater rafting trip, how to do paddle signals, different safety gear for whitewater rafting, how to read the river bef ...more

How To : Surf whitewash

Richard Schmidt shows you a technique for surfing whitewater. This is useful if you're at a break that stays shallow for a long why out.

How To : Do basic whitewater kayaking

Janet Cowie shows us how to do the basic whitewater kayaking moves. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do basic whitewater kayaking. Do basic whitewater kayaking - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Do basic whitewater kayaking - Part 3 of 15. Click throug ...more

How To : Paddle a whitewater kayak with awareness

Whitewaterinstruction.com presents a lesson on Paddle Awareness by Shane Benedict. Rocks aren’t always getting in the way of your kayak, occasionally they’ll do a number on your paddle as well. That’s why this post is devoted to paddle awareness. This particular skill may seem ...more

How To : Deal with rocks in whitewater race kayaking

Whitewaterinstruction.com presents a lesson on dealing with rocks from Shane Benedict. Rarely is there a line on your favorite creek which doesn’t incorporate at least one ill placed rock. Dealing with rocks and not letting them affect your plan is an important skill to learn ...more

How To : Survive and master slides in whitewater kayaking

No matter how you cut it, slides are tons of fun. There are all types of slides, and while some are big and scary, many are not. Regardless of whether you are having a blast on some mellow slides or trying to set a world speed record on something large there are a few techniqu ...more

News : Best surf trip so far

I took my son to Bocas.  Because of the airline schedules we had to stop in Panama City, which is a somewhat sad place.  With casinos and all the attendant vice. But arriving in Bocas was like entering  a different world altogether.  Bright Caribbean pastel colors.  No road s ...more

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