How To : Dance the official Whoop Rico (SuperStarz version)

Learn how to do the Whoop Rico official dance. Choreography taught by Young SuperStarz Ladii Suppah Star, Ladii Phresh and Ladii Glam Rock. Watch as these cute kids expertly instruct how to do the Whoop Rico hip hop dance. Show Stoppas - Whoop Rico

News : Whoops! Google Maps Error Ruins Woman's Life

Google Maps, once considered superior to Apple Maps, has contributed to a terrible mistake for one woman. A group of demolition workers in Texas were using the service to find a worksite, and to the dismay of homeowner Lindsay Diaz, Google was entirely inaccurate. The home sc ...more

How To : Do the Whoops You Missed It magic card trick

In order to do the "Whoops You Missed It" magic trick, you will need a deck of cards. Hold the deck in one hand. Rifle your way down the deck, asking the bystander to tell you where to stop in the deck. Pull out 2 cards, disguising them as one card. Turn it face up and place i ...more

How To : Protect Your Child from Whooping Cough

How to protect your child from Whooping cough Pertussis — Famously known as whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by an organism called Bordetella pertussis. To Avoid infection by such dangerous organism, the child must take scheduled vaccination. Inc ...more

News : Tom the Tool Man whoops!

Do a premiere of a handyman show (with studio audience) with a one armed man as the host with a very real and authentic looking fake arm right down to the phony blood. He accidentally cuts it off on a band saw and wraps his injury in a dirty shirt and keeps on working (this g ...more

News : A$$ Whooped By Kids

So you get in a room, playground, arena, whatever you've got to work with, with a bunch of kids. You give the kids tennis rackets, and you let them go off on you. Let them beat you up, hit you in the head, balls, face, anywhere is fair game. Only rule is not to cry.

How To : Fold a Pentakis Dodecahedron

Math Craft admin Cory Poole provided quite a few recipes for sonobe models in his blog, and I followed one to make the pentakis dodecahedron here. I wasn't that happy with my first result because the colours kept on coming out wrong—i.e. two of the same colour next to each ot ...more

How To : Apply a MAC Smoking Eyes makeup look

This makeup tutorial video will show you how to create an eyeshadow look using the Smoking Eyes Quad from MAC from the Smoke Signals Collection. This makeup look will curely grab everyone's attention. Products used are from MAC Cosmetics. They include (in order of appearance) ...more

How To : Root the New Sony Xperia Z Android Phone

Sony's Xperia Z, which has generated quite a deal of excitement since its launch at the CES in Las Vegas last month, is already sold out in France with its expected U.S. release to be sometime in March. It's 5-inch, 1080p display puts it up there with some of the best smartpho ...more

How To : Perform a backhand stroke in racquetball

When you start playing racquetball, you will need to master a few moves. In this tutorial, learn how to perform a backhand splat stroke. This video will show you all of the proper techniques to get you started on the court. Once you get down the proper moves, you will be a for ...more

How To : Make lamb marinated with aromatic rosemary au jus

So your in laws are coming over for dinner (big whoop) and you need to whip up something on the stove that'll truly impress, but you don't want something too complicated or else you'll be fanning the flames of your failed cooking project just as they enter. If you're in need ...more

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