How To : Paint roses and wisteria with bees in watercolors

Watch this instructional painting video to paint roses and wisteria flowers with bees using watercolors on Chinese rice paper. This fluid style of painting takes lot of practice and does not allow for mistakes. Every brush stroke counts. Get out some newsprint paper to practic ...more

How To : Draw a wisteria shrub - Chinese brush painting

Dive into the world of Chinese brush painting, a traditional art where each brush stroke of the painting is neither improved upon nor corrected. The artist must get it right from first to last stroke! RaggedyBird.com presents these videos showing the process of how to draw Ch ...more

How To : Prune wisteria in the winter

Video show how to prune wisteria in the winter. Wisteria is a climbing plant that needs to be trimmed so that it is kept at a manageable size. Simple steps are explained well in this video. Prune wisteria in the winter. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Train a vine

Vines create the perfect look when grown over a trellis, arbor, or arch. You Will Need * A vine plant * A trellis, arbor, or arch * A wooden stake * Floral wire * Pruning shears Step 1: Find a strong shoot Look for the longest and strongest shoot from your vine plant. Pick on ...more

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