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How To : Shake Cream into Butter Like a Boss

Don't panic the next time you pull an empty tub of butter from the fridge. If you have some heavy whipping cream, save yourself a trip to the grocery store and just make your own. When heavy cream is shaken violently for a long enough duration, it turns to butter—and if you're ...more

How To : Brew Your Own Ginger Beer Like a Boss

Step aside, ginger ale; ginger beer is here, and it's delicious. Ginger beer is made by fermenting a combination of ginger simple syrup, yeast, and water, which gives it its robust flavor and sparkling quality. It's extremely simple to make, but you do have to wait a bit for ...more

How To : Remove Seeds from a Pomegranate Like a Boss

Despite its deliciousness, the pomegranate is one of the hardest fruits to eat. Once you cut it open, the seeds are stuck behind a bitter-tasting white membrane, and trying to pull them out with your fingers just results in a huge mess. You can break it open underwater to mak ...more

How To : Respond to a written warning from a boss at work

Unless you really hate your job you probably don't want to hear from your boss about how poorly you're doing at it. Receiving a written warning from your boss at work can be stressful, but this video will teach you how to react to it effectively.

HowTo : Flash Mob Like a Boss

Watch enough Glee and Buffy's Once More, With Feeling and it will never fail to instill the urge to do something stupid in public. And hey, what better way to do this than to drag others down with you? Welcome to the world of flash mobs, and in just a few simple steps you too ...more

How To : Defeat Tempest - the final boss in Gears of War 3

Trying to take out Tempest, the last boss fight in Gears of War 3? You'll find her in Act 5, Chapter 6 of the game. Take a look at this gameplay video to find out just exactly what you'll need to do to defeat her and beat Gears of War 3! Be careful, the ending of Gears of War ...more

How To : Text a Girl Like a Boss

Who needs to talk to a girl when you can just text them? I mean, am I right? There's even a movie about a guy who falls in love with a girl inside his cell phone (and it actually looks pretty good too). For all you clowns, the girl is not actually inside of his phone. Some of ...more

How To : Defeat the sand boss Stygian in Darksiders

In this next tutorial, you're going to want to make sure you have plenty of time on your hands. That's because this boss battle is pretty long. You'll be going one on one with the sand boss Stygian. He's a giant, ugly worm that takes some time to defeat. On top of him, you;ll ...more

How To : Defeat the Satan boss in Resistance 3 on the PS3

If you're having a hard time beating Satan, a boss located in the mines of Mt. Pleasant in Pennsylvania, take a look at this Resistance 3 boss fight guide. It'll help you figure out where to shoot the boss so that you can escape the caves. It especially helps if you're a fan o ...more

How To : Walkthrough God of War III - Zeus Boss Fight

Zeus. He's one of the worst. Can you defeat Zeus on your own? If not, you may need help — you may need a walkthrough to guide you along the ultimate battle against the boss Zeus. Watch the walkthrough for the Zeus Boss Fight in God of War III on PS3. Mahalo's God of War 3 Wal ...more

News : Blaze Boss in Minecraft

This is the first boss we are releasing out of a "boss series" coming soon this summer! Using redstone, I think we managed to get the "boss feeling" in minecraft! The Blaze has 3 phases with several mechanics. Important: Singleplayer on Peaceful! Tips For phase 1, you will ...more

How To : Beat the Bell Gargoyles boss fight in Dark Souls

The Bell Gargoyles boss fight in Dark Souls is pretty rough, especially when you're stuck on top of a little roof. Take a look at this walkthrough on how to defeat the Bell Gargoyles in Dark Souls. You'll need to have your shield ready for some well placed bashes.

How To : Beat the Level 2-3 Boss in Resident Evil 5

Beat the Level 2-3 Boss in Resident Evil 5 via this walkthrough and gameplay. Resident Evil 5 (RE 5) is the sequel to 2005's Resident Evil 4. This game guide shows you BSAA emblem locations, treasures, and includes strategies for all 6 missions and boss fights. In this actio ...more

How To : Beat the Demon Firesage boss fight in Dark Souls

Having a giant firey lizard thing charging at you with a huge axe can be pretty scary, especially when you're playing a game as hard as Dark Souls. Take a look at this guide to make quick work of the Demon Firesage boss and walk away with another boss fight defeated.

How To : Beat the Ornstein and Smough boss fight in Dark Souls

The Ornstein and Smough boss fight is fairly long, but if you're hoping to defeat the Dark Souls boss fight, you'll need to pull out all the tricks. The Dragon Slayer and Executioner are tough opponents, but this gameplay video should help you defeat them.

How To : Beat the final boss on Resident Evil 4

See how to defeat the final boss (chapter 6) of Resident Evil 4 for the Playstation 2 (PS2). Part 1 of 2 - How to Beat the final boss on Resident Evil 4. Part 2 of 2 - How to Beat the final boss on Resident Evil 4.

How To : Walkthrough God of War III — Cronos Boss Battle

The name alone sounds like something not to be reckoned with… Cronos. But Kratos can prevail against this titan boss. This could be the deadliest boss fight you've ever encountered. Watch the walkthrough for the Cronos Boss Battle in God of War III on PS3. Mahalo's God of War ...more

How To : Beat the Chaos Witch Quelaag boss in Dark Souls

The spider boss known as Chaos Witch Quelaag can be a difficult boss to defeat. However, this IGN guide will help you out, especially if you are a magic user. Also, it helps to bring a friend or NPC to help you beat the Chaos Witch.

How To : Convince your boss you had a doctor's appointment

Ultimately a doctor’s note is the only necessary proof needed to show your boss that you really did go to the doctor’s but if you feel like making an airtight case you can always take a few extra steps to make sure there’s not a shadow of a doubt. Work for a scrooge who quest ...more

How To : Beat the Kraken boss on God of War II

kratos seems like one of those guys who'll never be content. But the good thing is, they might keep making more God of War games. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to defeat Kraken in God of War II for the Playstation 2.

How To : Walkthrough God of War III — Poseidon Boss Fight

At the end of Chapter 1 - Mount Olympus, Kratos will have to battle Poseidon, his first real boss fight. Poseidon is the God of the Sea, which means there's a risk of drowning, so be careful. Follow this guide to winning the fight. Watch the walkthrough for the Poseidon Boss F ...more

How To : Defeat Ram, a zombie boss in Dead Island

If you're looking for the best strategy to beat Ram, take a look at this Dead Island tutorial. Like many other video game bosses, he's best tackled by dodging his charge and letting him stun himself against the wall. A little bit of fire never hurt either.

How To : Beat the Gaping Dragon boss fight in Dark Souls

If you're playing through Dark Souls and find yourself going head to head with the Gaping Dragon boss fight, take a look at this video guide on how to defeat him. You'll need to aim for those puny chicken legs if you want to kill the dragon boss.

How To : Sabotage your boss' office chair

How to rig an office chair to collapse. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks! Sabotage your boss' office chair. Click through to watch this video on tricklife.com

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