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How To : Kiss your partner with passion

Are you a good kisser? Anyone can be, with the right technique. Watch this how to video and learn the basics of kissing your partner with passion. Work on this and you'll soon be able to perform a torrid kiss!

How To : Do a partner self breast exam

In this video series, watch as health specialist Carolyn Waygood teaches how to give a partner self breast exam. Learn the different techniques for self checking your breast for tumors, how to give a male on female breast exam, a female on female breast exam, breast physiology ...more

How To : Dance hot jazz and swing without a partner

In this four part how to video you will learn to dance solo jazz and swing. Learn how to do Suzie Q's, the Charleston and other hot jazz moves with this dance tutorial. Watch this video and you will be swing dancing without a partner in no time. Part 1 of 4 - How to Dance hot ...more

How To : Do Softball Hitting Drills Without a Partner

Practicing softball by yourself can be a challenge, since the interplay between pitcher and hitter is the very heart of the game. This video demonstrates some softball hitting drills that can be performed without a partner. All you need is a tee and the motivation to go out an ...more

How To : Do a R&B partnering dance combination

Do you think you can dance? In this how to video, Kelly Peters, a teacher at New York City's Broadway Dance Center, teaches an R&B partnering combination with his students. This R&B dance routine demonstrates some great moves that you can incorporate into any modern dance rout ...more

How To : Do basic Merengue dance steps with a partner

Nothing makes the Merengue more fun, than dancing the Merengue with a partner! In this dance lesson, learn to do basic Merengue dance steps with a partner. Although the Merengue can be complicated, with the correct dance space, shoes, and attitudes, you'll get these steps down ...more

How To : Salsa dance like a pro with your partner

Latin dancing is very romantic. There is no better dance for couples than salsa. In this tutorial, master the basic salsa dance moves for couples. Grab a partner, flip on the music and hit the dance floor: you're ready to salsa!

How To : Compliment your partner in Polish

In this video from AbcSchoolOfPolish we learn various phrases that you can use to compliment your partner. The phrases are read out loud in Polish twice and shown on the screen so you can learn them. Here are the phrases we learn: You are handsome. Jestes przystojny Your ey ...more

How To : Communicate with your partner in the Lindy hop

Sosh and Gina continue your Lindy Hop education. This clip will teach you how to communicate with your partner. The front to front, the sling shot, the scissor kick, the swing out, the big turn, are all dance moves distinct to the Lindy Hop. It was named for Charles Lindbergh ...more

How To : Share a bed with your partner harmoniously

Does one of you keep stealing the covers or hogging the entire bed? Kiss goodbye to bedroom battles with this how-to video guide to harmonious bed-sharing. These bed sharing tips are sure to help you with your relationship. Share a bed with your partner harmoniously. Click thr ...more

How To : Do a forward flying yoga pose with a partner

Partner Yoga is a unique physical and spiritual practice which combines powerful techniques and exercises from yoga. Partner yoga uses poses (asanas) to focus the mind and increase strength, stamina and flexibility. The poses are combined with breathing techniques (prananyams) ...more

How To : Jump rope partner frog hop

In this podcast tutorial, Trent Cunningham joins the videoKast to teach how to do 2-Person 1-Rope. You'll learn how to involve a child as young as 3 in jump rope and then see what can be done with a bit more practice. The Rope Masters videoKast is your source for the best in r ...more

How To : Spy on your partner

Spy catcher Online help us to find out what products are available to help you keep an eye on your partner. If you have to undergo this technique, follow these simple steps in order to spy on your partner. Spy on your partner. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Do a flying whale yoga pose with a partner

Partner Yoga is a unique physical and spiritual practice which combines powerful techniques and exercises from yoga. Partner yoga uses poses (asanas) to focus the mind and increase strength, stamina and flexibility. The poses are combined with breathing techniques (prananyams) ...more

How To : Do the "Rock Step" with a partner

Check out this instructional hip hop video to learn how to do a "Rock Step" with a partner. It's like a crunch, so keep your knees bent. Learn this basic step and how to make it funky! Chihoe "Groove" Szeto teaches you popular, fun dance moves step by step in these tutorial vi ...more

How To : Do stretch exercises with partner resistance

Increase flexibility through stretching exercises with the help of a workout partner. Discover how to stretch the back, shoulder, butt and neck muscles using partner resistance in this free fitness video series from a professional physical trainer. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do str ...more

How To : Do the hip and thigh stretch with a partner

The hip and thigh stretch works on the mobility of the hip joint. Learn how to do the hip and thigh stretch with a partner in this fitness tutorial. When performing this stretch with a partner you should bend leg up, put hands on shin & thigh, and press in, out. With this how ...more

How To : Console your partner if they lose their job

Know the right thing to say – and do – if your loved one suddenly finds themselves out of work. This video will show you how to console your partner if they lose their job. You Will Need * Sensitivity * A review of finances * Intimacy * Fun Step 1. Be reassuring Tell your ...more

How To : Slow dance with a paraplegic partner

This is a step by step on how to slow dance with a partner that is parapelegic, meaning they are paralyzed from the waste down. This is an adapted dance that is perfect for couple that have disabilities or a handicapped. Hand placement and speed is important to keeping you upr ...more

How To : Do basic partner Bachata dance

The Bachata dance originates from the Dominican Republic and is made up of four basic Cuban dance moves to do with a partner, both while in open & closed positions. Learn how to get these four basic steps down before you hit the dance floor with help from this dance video. On ...more

How To : Connect with your partner in the Lindy hop

Learn this exciting swing dance from the 30s. Sosh and Gina will start at the very beginning, no experience necessary. Learn how to dance from our instructional dance video clips (it's like a virtual dance lesson). Each? week we will post a new video clip here on our video pod ...more

How To : Heal your relationship after your partner cheats

Discovering your partner's affair can be devastating, but it doesn't have to mean the end of the relationship. You Will Need * Communication * Reflection * Counseling * Forgiveness Step 1: Get it all out Tell your partner how hurt and angry you are about the affair, and discu ...more

How To : Become a better dance partner

Is there something missing from your dance relationship? This four part how to video teaches you how to communicate with your dance partner. Use these secret tips from Naomi Uyama and Andy Reid, and become a better dance partner. Part 1 of 4 - How to Become a better dance part ...more

How To : Move your partner on the dance floor

Gina Deambrazio and Gino Spizatti demonstrate the lady passing under a bridge move which helps move your partner on the dance floor. This is a variation of the salsa move cross body lead. You drop your arm, step to the side, bring her under, and do a basic.

How To : Use Italki.com to find a language learning partner

If you're learning a foreign language, it's helpful to have a native speaker to whom you can talk. In this tutorial video, you'll learn how to use italki.com to find a foreign language partner to practice speaking a foreign language. Italki.com is a free language learning webs ...more

How To : Do basic Mambo steps with a partner

Looking to learn some new moves for the dance floor? To get started dancing the Mambo, start with the basics! Master this Cuban style of dance, have some fun, and get some great exercise with help from this free dance tutorial. One lesson not enough? Learn more Merengue dance ...more

How To : Know why your partner gets frustrated & yells

Most of the time when a partner is quick to yell at you or wants to control you, it is because that person is upset with themselves. It also seems that maybe the partner is overly stressed due to new situations. Tell your partner how you feel. You need to find out what is both ...more

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