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How To : Add a sidebar to a WordPress theme and set it up

This tutorial will guide you through the steps involved in setting up a sidebar on a WordPress page. Every version of WordPress brings with it new features, new functions and new ways of doing things. Fortunately, the very same technology that allows an open-source blog publis ...more

How To : Edit sidebar widgets in Wordpress

How to make cool paper cube 01 Take a piece of paper02 Cut into square03 Fold from all the sides for i.e. in triangle shape for 3 times04 Open the page you will see eight triangles catch from middles side05 Fold by catching the middle corner06 Turn from the middle like a squar ...more

How To : Add a background box and color in a Thesis sidebar

Get all of the info on Thesis themes for you WordPress blog. Watch this video tutorial from 4Blogger to learn how to add a background box and color in a Thesis sidebar. This video tutorial explains about how to style our sidebar widgets. Normally Thesis theme 1.6 sidebar widg ...more

How To : Create a custom caption box in Wordpress

In order to create a custom caption box in WordPress you'll need to go to your dashboard. Here click on appearances, then on editor. Now over on the right select the sidebar option. Here you'll see some code, what you need to do is find the word that you want to replace on the ...more

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