Wrought Iron

How To : Build a wrought iron fence

In this video series, our expert Terry Leafty will teach you how to build a wrought iron fence including information on gate patterns, fencing codes, how to choose a design, welding costs, and the use of hand and power tools. Part 1 of 21 - How to Build a wrought iron fence. B ...more

How To : Create a wrought iron rose scrapbook layout

Many wonderful things come from the workshop. However, it's hard to document this land of screws, sweat, and metal on the organized pages of a scrapbook. In this how-to video, Carmen pays tribute to her brother's workmanship and demonstrates how to create a page that tells a s ...more

How To : Create a vintage tile tabletop end table

Amy H. Hughes helps you make a vintage tile tabletop. Part of the fun of making this table was rooting through the tile crates with Rosi Zingales at Olde Good Things in New York City. Our first find was an 1890s 6-by-6-incher depicting a Spanish Colonial mission, for $45. This ...more

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