Apple Pay Cash 101 : What You Need to Get Started

Move over Venmo, Apple Pay Cash is here, and it's built right into iMessage. If you're like us, you've been eagerly waiting to give this new feature a try on your iPhone ever since Apple announced it during WWDC 2017 back in June. While it was never released in the main iOS 11 ...more

News : The Best Augmented Reality of 2017

The augmented reality industry made great strides in 2017, but its apex is not even in sight. In terms of software, augmented reality is approaching meaningful mainstream awareness, thanks mostly to Apple and ARKit. Meanwhile, on the hardware side, AR is very much in its infa ...more

News : 11 Features Apple Needs to Include in iOS 10

New releases of iOS are always pretty exciting. I remember the anticipation buildup of iOS 7 before it was announced at WWDC 2013, as it was expected to be a complete game changer compared to previous versions—and it was. Now, with WWDC 2016 right around the corner—starting o ...more

Apple AR : Houzz ARKit App Beats IKEA to the App Store

With the official release of iOS 11, the availability of an app that uses the much-hyped ARKit platform to place virtual furniture in one's home was expected. The fact that the app comes from Houzz, and not IKEA, may come as a surprise, considering that the latter was feature ...more

News : The Future of Augmented Reality Mainstream Adoption

What does mainstream augmented reality look like? I'm not talking about the stuff you see in concept videos and science fiction films. No. What does it really look like? If you ask anyone working within the AR space today, the future of AR is wherever the immediately realizab ...more

News : Apple Releases iOS 14 Developer Beta 8 for iPhone

Apple just released the eighth developer beta for iOS 14 today, Wednesday, Sept. 9. Beta 8 (18A5373a) appears to be a minor update offering bug fixes to improve overall stability. At the time, we haven't discovered many new or notable features or changes. As the eighth beta f ...more

Apple vs. Google : 9 New iOS 8 Features Android Already Had

When Apple recently unveiled iOS 8, many of the newly-added features in their mobile OS seemed eerily familiar to Android users. This is probably because the vast majority of these new features have been available in Android for quite some time. If imitation truly is the sinc ...more

News : 7 Features iOS 12 Stole from Android

The great thing about competition is it drives innovation. But when a company tries to one-up its competitor, it's not always with something brand new. Sometimes, one party will draw heavy inspiration from the other — but hey, it's still all good, because the consumers benefit ...more

News : (Updated) Your First Real "Look" at iOS 8

Update: June 2nd, 2014 Over the weekend, someone snuck in to Apple's presentation dry run, and grabbed a quick video of the new iPhone will look like. Video: . End Update While Apple gets ready to unveil iOS 8 at the five-day WWDC in San Francisco next week, the first real e ...more

News : iOS 11 Public Beta Is Now Available for Your iPhone

Apple promised at WWDC to release the iOS 11 public beta by the end of June, and they've just followed through on their promise. Available Now: Download the iOS 11 Beta Starting today, anyone with a supported iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch can test out Apple's upcoming mobile o ...more

News : Apple's iOS 8 Coming This Fall—Here's What's New

The new iOS 8 was just unveiled, and it looks pretty awesome. Apple showed off some of the enhancements and new features we can expect to receive in the fall at WWDC, and while not the huge facelift we saw with iOS 7, it does showcase what Apple does best—refinement. Continuit ...more

News : Get the Dog of Your Dreams with Rumored ARKit App

Dogmented reality might be coming to Apple's ARKit, so get ready to play with your new (AR) pups! Don't Miss: A Breakdown of the What Apple's New ARKit Can Do for iPhones & iPads As reported by UploadVR, a tweet from the Good Dogs Twitter account stated that a dog app will b ...more

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