How To : Simulate fluids in Xsi

Check out this Softimage Xsi tutorial in the fluids simulator. This is a great video showing SPH in ICE off. You can quickly see how flexible this is. Changing collision geometry while the simulation is running and ICE and SPH just deals with it. This is also showing going f ...more

How To : Use SPH fluid nodes in Xsi

This is a tutorial on the SPH fluids nodes. This is a particle-based distributed fluid simulator application designed for Hewlett-Packard Scalabe Visualization Array. This application uses volume domain distribution among the nodes. This is a particle-based distributed fluid ...more

News : Real or Not Real?

Pretty convincing, but no flesh or blood necessary here. Hongkiat posts 21 stellar examples of animated 3D models, all created with programs like ZBrush, XSI, 3DMax, Maya and Photoshop. Get your 3D CG fix below. Warhammer Rider by Joe Deng Demonic Prince by Rami Ali Backst ...more

How To : Model a railroad track in Softimage

This tutorial shows you how to model a railroad track (or rollercoaster track) using Softimage(XSI) 3D software. We're not sure what you'll need a railroad track for, but if you do, this video is perfect for you. Model a railroad track in Softimage. Click through to watch this ...more

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