Yoga Balancing

How To : Deepen your yoga pigeon pose

In this tutorial, Dina Prioste shows us how to do a stretchy pigeon yoga pose. Make sure you properly warm up your body before attempting to do this pose. First, start off in a pigeon pose with your front foot as far forward as you can place it. Keep your back toes tucked unde ...more

How To : Do yoga exercises when pregnant

Cindy Mastry explains how yoga exercises can help with the union between mother and child for a woman who is pregnant. The word yoga translates to "union." The first exercise demonstrated is the Hindi Squat. While working strength and balance, the woman holds herself in the pe ...more

How To : Strengthen your bones with a Mediterranean diet

This video is a report by Terry from Good housing keeping. She reports that women of any age should be thinking of bone health and one of the best ways to strengthen your bones experts say is to follow low fat Mediterranean diet. Tonie Hope, director of Good house keeping says ...more

How To : Do hatha yoga

Hatha yoga combines breathing exercises and yoga poses to prepare the body for meditation. Learn how to practice Hatha yoga in this yoga video. Take action: balance mind, body, breath, follow 8 limb path, and honor your body. Cindy Mastry, the instructor of this how-to video, ...more

How To : Do the eagle pose in yoga for better posture

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Shifting your weight to one leg, bend your knee while slightly lifting your other leg off the ground. Maintain balance by holding both of your arms straight out to the sides of your body, parallel to the floor. Pick your free leg up and ...more

How To : Do dog yoga

While the best way to practice dog yoga, or, “Doga,” is by attending a class, you can get a head start at home with these simple instructions. You Will Need * A yoga mat * Knowledge of basic yoga poses * A dog WARNING: Always consult a physician before attempting to do any ex ...more

How To : Do beginning standing yoga poses

Basic yoga standing poses help beginners develop leg strength, balance and stamina. Find out more about standing yoga poses in this free fitness video from a certified yoga instructor. Part 1 of 16 - How to Do beginning standing yoga poses. Do beginning standing yoga poses - P ...more

News : 10 Ways to Lose Weight Using an iPhone

Sounds like a false promise à la infomercial or typical spammy web headline—how can a 4.8 ounce gadget aid in weight loss? But, in truth, "who" better to act as a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionalist than the iPhone? The smartphone is completely and utterly tethered t ...more

How To : Awaken your kundalini

Awakening the female energy that resides in the base of your spine is not a process that can be done in an afternoon but is something you work towards though lots of work in kundalini yoga and work toward an enlightened state of being. In Hindu mythology, kundalini is a coile ...more

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