Zombie Gun

How To : Get the Wunderwaffe in Call of the Dead

Check out this video to learn how to get the Wunderwaffe in Call of the Dead, the zombie map from the COD: Black Ops Escalation map pack. Whether you play on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC, this video has the key to picking up the Wunderwaffe, one of the best guns in the game.

Walkthrough Left 4 Dead 2 : C2, Dark Carnival - Concert

Don't let L4D2 get the best of you. Take control by checking out this video on Campaign 2: Dark Carnival - Concert. Grab your guns and go out the door. There is really only one path to follow, so move right around the venue until you reach the stage. Feel free to use up your a ...more

How To : Survive a Zombie attack

Learn how to detect zombies, avoid them, and use weapons like guns, bows, and swords to kill them in this free parody video about defending yourself against zombie attacks. Part 1 of 22 - How to Survive a Zombie attack. Survive a Zombie attack - Part 2 of 22. Click through to ...more

News : Alan Wake Episode 3 Gameplay & Musings

There are no spoilers in this writing, read without worry. Finished Episode 3 of Alan Wake yesterday, impressed by different reasons. I originally bought the game for the possibility of great story, dialogue, and voice acting. That part of the game has been disappointing. Wha ...more

News : Zombie Takeover/Nuclear War

My buddy and I came up with this one. You should have someone wake up to a zombie outbreak or to a nuclear winter/war. Ya think they wouldn't be freaking out? Even have the whole cast in on it and maybe prank a store or something(This could be a little dangerous if someone ha ...more

News : Hack a Nerf gun for superior fire power

Store bought Nerf guns don't always achieve the velocity necessary for an effective assault. Zach Scott's solution: mod the toy. Known for his fantastic cat videos, Zach claims this hack increases trajectory by at least 25%! Every bit counts when you're in an all out foam war ...more

Apple AR : Defend Your Home from Zombies with Your iPhone

While VR promises to take gamers to another world, AR has the potential to bring the game elements into your own neighborhood or home. Just in time for Halloween, ARZombi places your living room into the epicenter of a zombie outbreak, with your ARKit-compatible iPhone or iPa ...more

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